Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boy or Girl.... who wants to know?

So, a few weeks ago (November 26th to be exact) I had a doctor's appointment. Just the typical pee in a cup, weight, blood pressure, and heart beat..... so I thought. Then, the nurse wheeled in an ultrasound machine. Daniel and I had already decided that we were going to wait and find out the sex of the baby when he/she arrived. We found out with the twins and just thought it would be something fun and different. I thought I was strong enough to hold out.... evidently my friends knew me better. They couldn't believe that I could do it.... I was bound and determined to stick to my guns and wait. HA. All she had to do is wheel in that little machine, and I panicked! It wasn't suppose to work this way. I was suppose to get my ultrasound at about 20 weeks (I was only 16 weeks at this point) and Daniel was going to be there with me and we were going to be strong together. So, I was alone.... did I mention it was my birthday..... and weak. I told the nurse and doctor that I had to consult with hubby first. So, I called Daniel at work. I was expecting him to say, "No way! Be strong!" but instead said, "Do what you want to do." Ah! What DID I want to do? Was I going to be disappointed with myself? But, what a cool birthday present! How special would that memory be? One of Daniel's requests was for the doctor to write it down and seal it and we could see it together later. What a great idea.... I could have time to think about it and if we decided to keep it a surprise, we could throw the paper away. Perfect. So, that's what we did. I couldn't wait until that evening, so I drove to Navasota and met Daniel for lunch out at his dad's land and we opened it together. So perfect and special. A moment I won't forget. So.... it's a BOY! We're excited of course....we would have been excited either way. We aren't disclosing the name yet.... it will be a surprise (at least to most.... I've opened my big mouth and told some people.... but, I made them promise not to tell!).

Friday, December 12, 2008

God or Coincidence

I really don't believe in coincidences. Well, okay maybe some of those little things like "what a coincidence that we are wearing the same shirt today". But the big things.... that's God. Being in the right place at the right time in order to help someone out when they truly need it is not coincidence. It's God asking a big favor of you ... it's up to you whether you answer or not. Have you ever not answered? Maybe because it just wasn't convenient or because you didn't want to step out of your comfort zone? And, what's your attitude when you do? Are you doing it begrudgingly or because you feel like you have to? Or do you do it with a servant's heart? I think it totally defeats the purpose when you have a bad attitude about it. But, aren't we human.... don't we all have that little sigh saying "why me?"

I was asked for a favor yesterday. I was in the right place at the right time.... absolutely no doubt that God's hand guided the whole thing. No doubt. It was big... something I could not turn my back on and dismiss as just coincidence. I couldn't play like it was no big deal and walk away. I just couldn't. It changed my plans for the day, it made me a little uncomfortable, and it wasn't really a convenient time for me. It felt good. I felt good. (I'm really not trying to toot my own horn here.... really. I'll make my point in the next paragraph).

When I really think about it, I don't think that I always say "yes" when God asks a favor of me .... I think there are many times that I dismiss the favor as being coincidence. I'd like to think that I do.... but, I don't. I know that I don't. All He's asking is for a chance to let His light shine.... through me..... through you. So, I challenge you to listen a little more carefully when your time comes. Is it God or just coincidence?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

There and back again...

We went back to the ranch this last weekend (Friday through Wednesday) for some family time and hunting (for Daniel and his friends). I packed their bags the night before we left and they were so excited about going - they pulled their bags to the door and wanted to get their shoes on so they could get in the car. The next morning I planned on leaving around 10:30 -- to give them a couple hours to play and stretch their legs after sleeping all night. By 9:15, Cal had his shoes on and was waiting in the car. I should have waited until the very last minute to tell them about the trip.

Grams and Paw Paw had two new kittens that the kids love to play with.... and torture. They chased those cats everywhere. Cal made them dance, threw them in the air (cats really do land on their feet), and twirled them through the air. The funny thing is, the cats didn't seem to mind. At one point, I saw Cal climbing up the steps to the slide with one cat. I didn't think a whole lot about it.... until I saw what he was up to. He wanted to push it down the slide! After I screamed at him, I think he realized that it wasn't such a good idea.

Don't really know what's going on here.... and don't really care to know.

This almost makes me want to get a cat. I said almost!

Pure sweetness. This little girl is precious. She loved to sit in Paw Paw's lap and go on jeep rides.

Paw Paw is such a great sport.... he climbed both of them up and down the blind.... just to give them their own little personal tour.

My little handsome guy! Check out those teeth!

Nothing like Gram's chocolate cake with sprinkles. It's healthy isn't it? Anyone seen Bill Cosby Himself..... Dad is great, gives us chocolate cake.

No, I didn't just hand my son a can of Diet Coke to drink. He's a sneaky little guy..... but, then again what does it say about me that I told him not to move while I got my camera?

Cal loves binoculars. He's really good at spotting things with them. He's looking at a deer in this picture. He was begging his Paw Paw to "shoot it.... pweeeese!" Already a little hunter.... he has Margo blood in him afterall (Daniel's going to get onto me for that comment).

One day, we went to visit Minnie. She had three tiny baby bunnies. They were stinkin' cute! It took a little while for Cal to warm up enough to hold one, but Patti was all over them. She cried when it was time to leave. I promised that when we came back through, and if they were old enough, we'd take one home with us. What was I thinking?!?! We already have a rabbit at home that we never play with! The things you do and say under the hypnotizing gaze of a very sad blue-eyed three year old. Good grief! Think she'll forget? Yeah, me either.

Patti and Minnie.