Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas recap

Our annual Cousins with Santa picture! Love it!! (We missed you Mihills family!)

Patti lost her first tooth! When she first came to me and told me that she had a loose tooth, I didn't believe her. I just told her, "Yes baby, one day you'll have a loose tooth and it will fall out.... but not until you're older." Seriously.... my babies are old enough to lose teeth?! What?!

All of our cousins were over and we decided that it was time to pull it. Patti got a little stage fright and maybe wanted to reconsider. Daddy was there for a little encouragement though.
All cousins, aunts and uncles were chanting... "Patti. Patti. Patti."

All the cousins gathered around to see the tooth!

Sweet smile, minus one tooth (and some extra blood).

Just a few pictures from our trip to the Ranch. David loved playing with the kitty cats.
(Yes, that cat's eyes are crossed)

Cal and Patti both tested for their Orange Belt over the holidays! They did really well... especially considering that there were over 50 other students testing for their belts.... and Cal and Patti were (by far) the youngest ones there.