Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And this is why I don't like to take pictures of my own kids...

As most of you know, I love to take pictures. I've created a small photography business consisting of friends and friends of friends. It's grown and keeps me pretty busy. But, I'm so busy doing everyone else's pictures that I forget about my own kids. I finally decided to quickly find some "complementing" clothes and set out one very HOT evening to take some pictures of those precious kiddos.

It wasn't long before I remembered why I don't like to take pictures of my own kids. First of all, I realized that I have a lot more patience with other peoples kids. And, I can't yell at other peoples kids... haha.

Patti has helped me on many photo shoots, so the girl was ready to pose before we even stepped out of the car. Before I had my camera ready, she hopped up on this "stage" and began throwing out the sassy! I quickly started shooting (not my favorite background or lighting, but it made her happy).

Then, I hear David holler, "Wook at me! My turn!" So, he started doing his poses. Oh my goodness, I love that boy!!

Patti knows how this works... she really is beautiful~ inside and out. I love this precious girl!

Here come the "cheeeeeeeessssse's"..... You can almost hear David saying it, can't you?

I would love this picture... except Cal is scratching his leg and Patti's dress is up on one side. Am I being too critical?

Okay, I like this one...

And this one...

Daniel was off to one side tickling the kids and then jumping out of the way... David got a little too tickled here :)

There's this crazy thing that happens to about 75% of the people I take pictures for RIGHT before their session.... someone always gets hurt and it's almost always on their face. I'm not kidding.... it always happens. So, as we are about to walk out the door, Cal throws a Hotwheels in the air and his lip catches it. Blood. Tears. Photoshop.

I love Cal's "real" smile... talk about melting my heart!

After about 15 minutes, David was gone... it was hot and late and he was plain ol' tired.... and sick of saying "cheeeeeeessssse!"

I asked him where his toes were, thinking he would play with them and maybe giggle a bit.... instead, this is what I got...

I think walking on the tracks is considered breaking the law... oops. I love how David is looking back at me like, "where are these crazy siblings taking me? help!"

The End

I haven't gone through all my pictures yet... so, you may see more again soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've been terrible about blogging lately... if you haven't noticed. I have found some fun pictures on my camera that I thought I'd share!

My sweet little boy taking his Sunday afternoon nap in Mommy and Daddy's bed...

David "I have no fear of the water" Livingston... jumping off the diving board...

Hanging out with cousins...

The only picture I have of David on his birthday...

The kids had a Hawaiian theme day the last week of school. Aren't they precious!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Horseback riding lessons

This little girl loves horses. We finally decided to get her some lessons through a mutual friend. Isn't she just the sweetest?