Sunday, September 12, 2010

While the cats are away... this mouse will play!

Even though David really misses Cal and Patti while they are at school, I think he secretly loves to have the whole house to himself!! But, it is a precious sight when we pick the kids up from school and he sees them after a long day away. He just lights up and squeals with excitement.
So, while the kids are at school....
We play with their toys.
(this was the first day of school and those are Cal and Patti's priceless Sonic toys)
We watch whatever we want on TV... preferably Yo Gabba Gabba.

We try on Patti's shoes.

We try on Cal's shoes.

And we might even try on both their shoes at the same time!
Then, we try on Mommy's shoes just for kicks.

We read their Bibles... the ones they never let us touch.

We get Daddy all to ourselves.

We get Grams all to ourselves.

And even Paw Paw.
And, we get to eat like a big boy at the table.

There's even more time to do our most favorite thing of all (other than trying on all the shoes in the house)....... Reading.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Patti and Cal's First Day of School

I can't believe I haven't blogged about our first day of school! I'm so behind. Well, my babies started Kindergarten. They are at South Knoll Elementary in Mrs. Felderhoff's room... and we love it! I've known the principal there for years and their teacher is so amazing! I asked that they be in the same classroom... easier for them and for me. Cal and Patti aren't dependant on each other. They look to each other for support and comfort, but once they get acclimated, they go their separate ways. Though "Momma Patti" tends to make sure Cal's in line most of the time. But, they have their own strengths and weaknesses as well as interests and friends.
We talked about Kinder for months trying to get them use to the idea. At first, they cried at the mention of the word. But then slowly, they started to get use to the idea of change.
I think I was more nervous on the first day (well, more like the first week leading up to the first day) than they were. I was a wreck. Luckily, I cried almost all day Sunday so there weren't many tears left for Monday.

My mom was sweet enough to come over early that morning so that we could take the twins to school and not have to worry about David (that boy can be a handful... more of that to come).
We live really close (almost across the street) to South Knoll, so we walk to school every morning (except in the rain). We have a friend in our class, Jenny, and she comes over and walks with us too. Her mom and I have known each other for a few months, so it was a pleasant surprise to see them on Parent's Night.
It is also a huge blessing to have our cousins at South Knoll with us! Phoebe is in 1st grade and Chloe is in 3rd. They are both in the Dual Language Program (which we will hopefully be a part of soon) and drive halfway across town to attend this wonderful school!

Cal's face cracks me up (as well as the above picture with my mom). He is so uncertain about what's going on. He ended up loving it of course. They've already learned so much... each day they come home with something new in their vocabulary (some not so good... we make sure we correct that right away).

Here they are in their classroom with their teacher... she's showing them where to hang their lunch boxes.