Sunday, September 12, 2010

While the cats are away... this mouse will play!

Even though David really misses Cal and Patti while they are at school, I think he secretly loves to have the whole house to himself!! But, it is a precious sight when we pick the kids up from school and he sees them after a long day away. He just lights up and squeals with excitement.
So, while the kids are at school....
We play with their toys.
(this was the first day of school and those are Cal and Patti's priceless Sonic toys)
We watch whatever we want on TV... preferably Yo Gabba Gabba.

We try on Patti's shoes.

We try on Cal's shoes.

And we might even try on both their shoes at the same time!
Then, we try on Mommy's shoes just for kicks.

We read their Bibles... the ones they never let us touch.

We get Daddy all to ourselves.

We get Grams all to ourselves.

And even Paw Paw.
And, we get to eat like a big boy at the table.

There's even more time to do our most favorite thing of all (other than trying on all the shoes in the house)....... Reading.


The Robinsons said...

So cute! The shoes pics had me cracking up! Glad the little man is getting some solo can tell he's loving it!

Leigh T said...

I just LOVE IT. I love the shoes, and the books, the stories and the pictures. I love being in this mommy-boat with you. We four send you all hugs and love.