Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Idea... Bad Idea

Today is Sunday.... and Sunday's are suppose to be easy and restful... right? Well, not today. Both kids are sniffly and Cal lost his voice last night. We're hoping that it's just allergies and that we'll be all better by tomorrow (they start school on Tuesday.... please let them start school on Tuesday). Not to mention that Daniel went to bed this morning at 4:30 am (he had a presentation today at the Wildlife Expo that John Deere was hosting... in Wildlife Photography). He had some issues with the computer (and he waited until the very last minute to work on his presentation... but, that's just Daniel). AND, David was up ALL night!!! Needless to say, my family was not venturing out this morning :)

So, this afternoon, the kids were getting a little bored. I pulled out a "craft".... I thought I bought one of those stained glass crafts.... you know, the one that has the little crystals and you put them in the oven? Well, wrong... I got this "lava" stuff that was ooey and gooey. The kids had fun nonetheless.

I know, I've been wordless a lot lately (though some of you may prefer it that way). Not too much going on around here..... well, I say that and half a dozen things just popped into mind.

The kids start back to school (Pre-K) this week.... yahoo for them and for me!!! They love it and I love that they love it. It's only 9 hours a week, but it's amazing what can get done in those 9 hours.

Cal started Taekwondo last week... he loves it! At the end of the half hour, they had to stand at attention (arms to their sides and feet together) staring straight ahead for 2 minutes.... 2 minutes is a long time for a 4 year old! Especially my 'ants-in-his-pants' 4 yr old! Daniel and I were sitting in the back watching (and thinking 'this is going to be funny'). To our surprise, out of 6 kids (four 4 yr olds, one 5 yr old, and one 6 yr old veteran with a yellow belt).... Cal and the 6 yr old were the only two standing after 2 minutes. We were shocked (and I think the instructor was a little surprised too). At that moment, we realized that we had totally made the right choice for him... Taekwondo is his calling. I was hoping that Patti would do it to, but she clung to me and daddy and refused to try it out. After we got home and she saw the uniform and after some 'practicing' with daddy, she started to change her mind. She now says that she wants to do it. We'll find out tomorrow.

David is growing like a weed! He's rolling over.... from tummy to his back..... like it's his job. He's really proud of himself. The last 2-3 weeks have been really rough though. I've mentioned his reflux before and how he's on prevecid... he was doing great on it (still spitting up, but not as fussy) and even sleeping through the night! BUT, that changed a few weeks ago. He started waking up several times (up to about 5 times) a night. He'll eat and then it is a struggle to settle him down enough to get him back to sleep. It's been exhausting. He fusses a lot more throughout the day (probably b/c he's so tired and his tummy is hurting). I finally called the doctor and got him an appointment Friday. We upped his prevecid and I'm changing a few things in my diet to see if that's upsetting him. We pray it gets better soon.

Okay, here are a few pictures (because that's what everybody's looking for right.... I know I'm more interested in a blog when there are lots of pictures :)

The kids are snuggled in our bed watching a movie... and no, David wasn't really watching it with them.... I just put him there for the picture and the TV just caught his attention.

My boys are just acrobats at heart. Some people thought that David's little stunt on one of my previous posts wasn't real..... it's real.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Introducing... The Amazing Catman!

We went over to Aunt Neesey's to play the other day. My kids are both really into dress-up these days. Well, Patti found this adorable cat outfit in Chloe and Phoebe's stash. She looked SO stinkin' cute in this tight long sleeve/long leg velour leotard and cat ears. Sweet Phoebe and Chloe wanted Patti to take it home... so we borrowed it for a little while. Patti didn't want to take it off and even wore it home. The two kids went upstairs to play once we got home... a few minutes later, I heard this sweet little voice coming down the stairs....
"Wook Mommy! I'm CATMAN!!"

(Perfect blackmail in the future)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Look Ma, No hands!

(David, 3 months)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Cuddle-Bug

Cal is such a cuddler. He BEGS for us to snuggle with him. If you are sitting or laying down, Cal is most likely sitting in your lap or laying on top of you. Sometimes he just has to be touching you. It's sweet. Right now, as I type this sitting in my chair, he is sitting on the arm of the chair with his head on my shoulder. These are just a few pictures from the past couple of months.

A visit from Uncle Bomboo wouldn't be complete without a snuggle on the couch...

Grams is always a sure cuddle....

Just needing to be close to Paw Paw...
Daddy laying on the couch is fair game...
We were at a family reunion and Cal and Patti shared a bed. We woke up to see this....

Fresh meat.... Wonder how much of a snuggler David will be...

I think David's had enough....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun at the Beach.... Again

We headed back down to South Padre for another fun vacation at the end of July. We stayed almost 2 weeks and had so much fun. For the first week, it was just my mom, Paw Paw, the kids and me (we overlapped with my brother, Randy, and his family for one night). Daniel flew down and joined us for the last week.
This little boy adores his Grams....

It's always fun to snuggle up in this king-size bed (and to keep warm because Grams keeps it a chilly 68 degrees in the condo!).

There were lots of kids at the condos this time around. Cal just joined right on in (that's him at the end of the line... he was the smallest one.... but, also the bravest).

Here's my little guy jumping into the deep end with no life jacket (he swam right to the side with no problem... he is really swimming good).

David's growing so much! Most his vacation was spent in the condo with his Grams. Neither one complained at all.

I hope Grams doesn't kill me for posting this picture, but it was just too priceless. Grams, Patti and Cal all slept together. Cal LOVED it... he is such a cuddle-bug.

Cal loves his Paw Paw.... especially when he makes his famous popcorn!

My cousin Natalie joined us for a day. She and I were roomies in college. Crazy how fast time flies!

Patti really loved to read books with Paw Paw. Priceless memories.

Cousin Ryan and Cal.... Cal loves Ryan.

Ryan and David.... the oldest grandkid and the youngest.

Our favorite place to eat at Padre is Pirate's Landing. They have parrots outside that are so tame and just sit on the kids heads, shoulders, hands..... they even poop on you (ask Cal).

We went to visit Minnie one day.... I love this lady.

Some dear friends from Weslaco also joined us at Minnies....

And of course, fun in the sand....

Paw Paw and I took the kids on the Laguna Madre nature boardwalk....

I debated on whether or not to blog this picture.... I couldn't resist. When you gotta go, you gotta go....

Cousins.... Patti, Colleen (Natalie's little girl), and Cal