Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little Cal and Patti to hold you over...

Calloway, doing what Calloway does best.....

Oh, and by the way, see the little spot on the top of his head? I usually buzz his head myself, but I decided to get him a real haircut... spent $15!!!! The next day, the little turkey decides to take the scissors to his hair and see what happens.

We found a little rat snake in the yard.... leave it to my brave Patti to get close to it. It's little... look at the end of the stick.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Calloway Moments

Sorry, no pictures. Just some funny Calloway moments. Some of the things that come out of this kid's mouth just crack me up!

"Mommy, when you had David, did the doctor use tape and bandaids to fix you back up.... just like Humpty Dumpty?"

"Mommy, my brain hurts."

"Mommy, I'm itchy. I think my germs are biting me." (We've been discussing the importance of always washing our hands because of germs.)

"Mommy, do we get to keep David?"

(I caught Cal doing something he wasn't suppose to and was very upset with him.... he was getting a real brow-beating....)

Me: "Cal, if you do this again -"
Cal: (interrupting me) "I'm fired?"

"Mommy, what happens when we don't wash our hands? Do we get sick with germs?"

"My germs are green. I sawed them the other day."

*** We are a little obsessed with germs these days.

Cal: "I don't want to get big.... I want to stay little!!!"
Cal's teacher: "Why not?"
Cal: "Because I don't want to get married and take lots of pictures!"