Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday David Ray!

Sweet David,

I can't believe that it was two years ago today that you blessed our lives. The first night in the hospital, the nurses thought that you were one of the best babies they'd ever had... by the second night, they were ready for you to go home! And, that's the way it's been ever since... when you're happy, you're happy.... and when you're mad, watch out! The one thing that made you happy was being held. And, I didn't mind it one bit. I loved holding you, and I still do. I didn't know how I was going to love another baby as much as I loved Cal and Patti... but, God made room in my heart for a love just as strong.

You were so serious when you were a baby. It was hard to get you to laugh or smile. But, when you did smile... it melted my heart. Your first word was "dada" but "mama" wasn't too far behind. You've always adored your daddy... though I think you're a true momma's boy.

I've never seen a baby stick out his bottom lip as far as you can. It's so sad that it's cute. You know, I'd do anything for you sweet boy... I love you so much. Seeing you sad breaks my heart. I think you get away with a lot more than your brother or sister ever did.... shh, don't tell them I said that though.

You have the best personality. You have always been able to make us laugh. You can be so silly. And, when you laugh your eyes just light up... it brightens even my darkest day.

I think you just got cuter each day... to the point that you just can't get any cuter than you are now.

I do have to mention your hair... by the time you were 9 months I had to start giving you hair cuts. I'd trim it every few weeks and it just keeps on growing. It makes you look like such a big boy.

Did I mention how much I love your laugh? You bring such joy to my life. I know that God loves me... you are proof of that. Even though you have a strong will, you are pretty easy. I love taking you places with me. You are so friendly... you wave and say hi to everyone you see in the grocery store and then you get shy when they try to talk to you. You are also so sensitive. It breaks your heart when I have to get upset with you. But, unfortunately that has to happen.... I mean, what do you expect me to do when you do things like... take my new wallet out of my purse (along with the black permanent marker) and color all over the inside of it including credit cards, or take the goldfish out of the bowl and leave it out on the counter (at least you came and got me), or what about when you stick your hands into your dirty diaper (then you come show me your dirty hand and say, "mess...poopoo.")? I'm sorry, but sometimes you just have to get in trouble. When you turned one, I would put you in time out (a stool in your bedroom). You got so use to it that when you knew you did something wrong you'd go put yourself in time out. And then you'd come out shaking your hands (sign language for "finished") and telling me you were finished.

You are a good eater. Right now, your favorite foods are mac n cheese, hot dogs, yogurt and goldfish. You speak and understand some spanish, thanks to Chayo. When you want more food or drink, you always ask for "mas." And, when you want some water, you ask for "agua." It's too cute. You have a sweet tooth like your sister... a lollipop always makes things better. And, I can't seem to find a good hiding spot for the gum... you always find some. You call it "gung."

You are super tough... you wrestle with your dad and brother like you were their size. You go up to your daddy with both fists in the air and say "Daddy fight." You climb like a monkey and jump around like a frog. Your favorite toys right now are the Wii (you love to sword fight on Wii Resort), playing baseball, and shooting Nerf guns. You are all boy! You love to sing, but only when you think no one is watching. You love to cuddle and snuggle especially when you are sleepy. I love it! Your hugs and kisses are given freely (even when I ask for them a hundred times a day). You are starting for look for a little more independance, but when you are unsure about anything you run into my arms. You know you'll always be safe there.

You adore your brother and sister... and they adore you. You fight and play with Cal and you look for Patti when you need some love and attention. I pray that you three continue to love each other the way you do and to build a strong relationship throughout your lives. That's really important to me. You are a blessing David, and I love you so much.

Happy 2nd birthday my precious boy!