Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cousins with Santa

I decided to start a new tradition with my kids.... decorating a gingerbread house. Patti thought it was a fabulous idea, but she didn't want Cal working on hers. She said that it was only for girls. So, I decided to buy two... one for Patti and one for Cal. Then, I thought it would be fun to have a friendly competition... boys against girls. I explained it to Patti, and she got so excited and then told me, "Momma, I have a great idea!!!! How about YOU help CAL, and DADDY can help ME!!!" What a sweet way of telling me that she's smitten with her daddy and would rather share that time with him. I totally wasn't offended and thought it was precious. So, that's what we did.

We let the kids name their teams.... Patti and Daddy were Team Princess and the Frog and Cal and Mommy were Team Dinosaur Man and Dinosaur Woman. Funny.

We had so much fun! Cal and I were perfect together.... both of us are impatient and can't sit still. We kept getting up to check on the competition, take pictures, run around, etc. Patti and Daddy didn't move the entire time.... taking great care and planning in their decorating. Well, Patti did get up several times when Cal wanted to brag on our house.... "Wook Patti!"

As soon as the last candy was placed on the house, the party began....

The finished products.... minus a few pieces of candy.
My munchkins with their Advent Calendars. Daniel had these calendars when he was a kid... the paper ones with chocolate behind each little flap. Thus, another tradition has begun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cal: Age 2 (I found this while I was going through old pictures on my computer. Isn't he so cute?)

A few more Cal Funnies....

Cal: Mommy, I can't go to school today... I have a fever in my legs.

Me: Oh no! A fever in your legs?

Cal: Yeah, in the bones in my legs.


Cal: Mommy, my leg is broken.

Me: Oh no! We should probably go see the doctor. He might have to give you a big shot.

Cal: Welllll, maybe it was broken yesterday.


The sink in my bathroom was full of water (and a couple of wet action figures on a towel next to it) and I needed to wash my hands. So, I let all the water drain out and Cal came running in and said... "Hey! That was my pool! Don't sink it down!!!!"


Cal: I'm awerject to strawberries.

Me: Since when are you allergic to strawberries?

Cal: Awerject means I don't like them.


Cal (to me after I wouldn't let him have a piece of candy): You're messing my heart up!

Me: Messing your heart up?

Cal: Yes! You're messing my heart up because your not letting me have candy!

Note: Sweet Patti needs a post all about her. That will be coming soon...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another "Cal" moment

I'm impatient. I really am. I know, I know.... you'd never ever ever think this of me, but it's true. Heehee. So, lately I've been getting really irritated with the kids.... I'm tired of telling them to do something four or five (or six or seven or eight) times before they actually do it (and I usually have to threaten them with something.... no t.v., no snack, no candy, no games, etc.). Now, I give them one chance and then follow through with my threats. Today at Taekwondo, Patti wasn't getting her shoes on (Cal already had is socks and shoes on). So, I told her to get them on or I was leaving. She hesitated, so I said "bye, we're leaving" and started walking for the door. She freaked. But, she put her shoes on. Anyway, Cal was in trouble for about the millionth time today. I told him how disappointed I was and then he answered (with the saddest look in his eyes), "So, is Santa going to put me on the naughty list?" Um, yes... I've threatened to call Santa and tattle on their behavior too. Now don't shake your head at me... you know you've done it too!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cal has been a stinker lately..... I know, what's new? He's still so cute though. Some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth just cracks me up. I had to write a few down.

Just some converstations I've had with him lately.....
Me: Cal, you really need to do a better job of keeping your room clean.
Cal: I know, but I just can't resist. Resist means that I can't do it.
(and then, a few minutes later.....)
Me: Cal, get your fingers out of your nose! If you need to pick your nose, please get a tissue.
Cal: But, I just can't resist!
Cal: (to both me and Daniel on different nights) Mommy/Daddy, I want you never to sleep in your bed again. You'll sleep in my bed.
He calls peanut butter sandwiches "pizza peanut butter sandwiches" (because he likes them cut into triangles).
In his prayer the other night: "... and thank you for Jesus and thank you for God."