Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Okay, it's been a bit of a weird day.... not totally bizarre, but enough to make you go hmmmm.

So, it all started this morning with a card. A friend left me a sweet voicemail and wished me a Happy Best Friends Day --first of all, what a terrible friend am I that didn't even know this day existed.... then, I don't even call her back! I feel terrible... so, I decide to write a card (email is just a little impersonal sometimes). I got about 4 sentences written and my hand starts cramping -- that cramp you get when your muscles are fatigued (the ones you never use). Yeah.... I started cramping b/c I never write! Well, maybe a short thank you note or to-do list... but nothing more than 25 words. How pathetic is that. Not only was my hand hurting, I was misspelling words, scratching stuff out, and my penmanship could have used some help....... so, I gave up and sent and email.

Then, I had an argument -- well, more like a discussion -- with my husband. I was trying to explain to him that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are the same person. I had to Google it just to prove it to him.

Theeennnn, I went to get my haircut waaayyyy in Bryan (some of you know my feelings about crossing University Drive). I locked my keys in my car! Yep.

Okay, finally I am home and getting ready for a much-need girl's night out (Happy Bday KG!).... Cal walks in while I'm doing my hair (makeup is done and I'm dressed up -- well, kind of).... he says "Oh, Mommy.... are we going to Bible Class?" HA. The only time the poor child sees me dressed up is when we go to church. That's sad.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


We went to a birthday party yesterday at Carousel Acres. The kids had so much fun! It was even fun to get them dressed up in their boots and jeans.

Patti's been wanting to ride a horse for a long time, and yesterday she finally go to.

They waited in line to ride one lap around the arena. After their lap, they got off and could get back in line to ride again. Patti quickly figured it out and made a routine of it. I lost count how many times she rode.

Cal on the other hand.... he followed the lead of the other kids and lined up (not quite knowing what he was getting in line for). When he was next in line, a girl took him by the hand, led him out to the the horse and tossed him up on it before he could protest. About a quarter of the way around, they stopped. I noticed Cal fussing and putting his hand up to his nose. I realized what was going on and hollered at the girl that he was fine... he just didn't like the smell. That's my boy. He held his nose the entire lap.... and even until he was off the horse and well away from the stench of the surrounding stalls. Note: he only rode once..... any time he was near the gate and someone would try to lead him out to a horse, he quickly ran away.

I love this picture. We went on a hay ride and when we got back, the horse rides were over (because kids were getting riding lessons). Patti was so disappointed. She was happy enough to watch and just wish it was her on that horse.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'mmmmm Baaaaaaack!

Okay, I know I've been a terrible blogger lately... but, I had a terrible case of blogger's block. There's been lots going on, but then again there's been a lot of nothing going on too.

One great thing that has happened is this little guy.....

This is Jude Michael Perkins ... our new cousin. Isn't he sweet? Patti's really been into babies lately... she loves holding her new cousin.

Cal's been dressing up as a princess... he can stay in this dress all day. He begs and pleads to put it on every morning .... what do you do? One evening he picked up a sword and was chasing Patti around (wearing the princess dress).... Patti played along and screamed, "Oh no... a pirate!!" Cal quickly stopped in his tracks, got an angry look on his face, and replied, "I'm not a pirate!!!!! I'm a PRINCESS!!!"

Patti got sick one evening (throwing up, fever, etc.). She was so tired and so sad that she didn't feel good... it was hard for her to go to sleep. Daniel went in to try to comfort her.... he was gone for a long time, so I decided to peek in and check on them. It was so sweet.... I just had to get a picture. The room was dark - I had to turn on the hall light to be able to take the picture. Great flash, huh?

My picky-eater found a new favorite snack.... Jeh-woh.

We always love playing with our cousins..... I don't know how Chloe managed to talk Cal out of the princess dress.

Check out those muscles!

I was such a fabulous mom and wife this morning.... I made pancakes and sausage. The only reason that I finally blogged something was to toot my horn and share these cute pictures with you.