Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Okay, it's been a bit of a weird day.... not totally bizarre, but enough to make you go hmmmm.

So, it all started this morning with a card. A friend left me a sweet voicemail and wished me a Happy Best Friends Day --first of all, what a terrible friend am I that didn't even know this day existed.... then, I don't even call her back! I feel terrible... so, I decide to write a card (email is just a little impersonal sometimes). I got about 4 sentences written and my hand starts cramping -- that cramp you get when your muscles are fatigued (the ones you never use). Yeah.... I started cramping b/c I never write! Well, maybe a short thank you note or to-do list... but nothing more than 25 words. How pathetic is that. Not only was my hand hurting, I was misspelling words, scratching stuff out, and my penmanship could have used some help....... so, I gave up and sent and email.

Then, I had an argument -- well, more like a discussion -- with my husband. I was trying to explain to him that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are the same person. I had to Google it just to prove it to him.

Theeennnn, I went to get my haircut waaayyyy in Bryan (some of you know my feelings about crossing University Drive). I locked my keys in my car! Yep.

Okay, finally I am home and getting ready for a much-need girl's night out (Happy Bday KG!).... Cal walks in while I'm doing my hair (makeup is done and I'm dressed up -- well, kind of).... he says "Oh, Mommy.... are we going to Bible Class?" HA. The only time the poor child sees me dressed up is when we go to church. That's sad.

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Jenni Christian said...

Sounds like Daniel needs a day with Natalie, Alanna, Chloe AND Phoebe. I'm sure they could catch him up on all things Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Just let me know when he is ready... :)