Sunday, August 24, 2008


We went to a birthday party yesterday at Carousel Acres. The kids had so much fun! It was even fun to get them dressed up in their boots and jeans.

Patti's been wanting to ride a horse for a long time, and yesterday she finally go to.

They waited in line to ride one lap around the arena. After their lap, they got off and could get back in line to ride again. Patti quickly figured it out and made a routine of it. I lost count how many times she rode.

Cal on the other hand.... he followed the lead of the other kids and lined up (not quite knowing what he was getting in line for). When he was next in line, a girl took him by the hand, led him out to the the horse and tossed him up on it before he could protest. About a quarter of the way around, they stopped. I noticed Cal fussing and putting his hand up to his nose. I realized what was going on and hollered at the girl that he was fine... he just didn't like the smell. That's my boy. He held his nose the entire lap.... and even until he was off the horse and well away from the stench of the surrounding stalls. Note: he only rode once..... any time he was near the gate and someone would try to lead him out to a horse, he quickly ran away.

I love this picture. We went on a hay ride and when we got back, the horse rides were over (because kids were getting riding lessons). Patti was so disappointed. She was happy enough to watch and just wish it was her on that horse.


McCulleys said...

They are such sweet little cowboys/cowgirls/cowpeople. (What is the right word there?) I loved their pictures with the horse.

The Quick Diva said...

I want some pics like that!!!!

Perks said...

cal doesn't like the smell of the outdoors and likes princess dresses. I know Dan is so proud.

brickmomma said...

i love the pic of Cal holding his nose!!!!!