Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My babies turned 5!!! Cal and Patti had their 5th birthday on the Sunday the 18th. Where in the world does the time go? Oh, I love these two kids so much it hurts! Being their mommy is the biggest blessing... Thank you God for my precious twins!

I'll start with Calloway Andrew since he's the oldest (by one minute).... Here are some things about my precious 5 year old boy....

  • He started t-ball last month. He's the smallest on his team. He tries so hard... and he's actually really good!
  • He's still a mommy's boy. He cuddles any chance he can get and he always has to know where mommy is. He'll call out for me and ask where I am (just to know... not because he wants anything). His kisses and hugs are just so sweet... they just make my day so much better!
  • He gets his feelings hurt so easily. I have to be very careful..... especially if I give little brother too much attention.
  • He's still a picky eater, but he's doing better. He's finally starting to realize how important it is to us that he at least tries different foods. His favorite foods are: McDonald's chicken nuggets (with their bbq sauce), cheese pizza, pancakes (just started eating them last week... it was a fight to get him to try one... and once he did, he LOVED them), pizza peanut butter sandwiches (b/c it's cut into triangles... like a pizza). His favorite restaurant is Souper Salad (because he likes their pizza).... and Chili's (he likes their chips and salsa).
  • His favorite toys/games right now are: Sonic the Hedgehog (Wii and movies), HotWheels, paper airplanes (that daddy makes), and he's still a Spiderman fan. He's still super active.... loves to run and jump (anywhere and on anything)
  • He has the cutest little smile... it just makes my heart skip a beat.
  • And, here are his latest funny comments....

Me: Cal, I need to make you a doctor's appointment.

C: Why, because I'm crazy?


Grams (my mom): Cal, I can't get down on the floor with you like that.

C: Why, because you're old?


C: My bottom hurts. I think I have germs in it.


C: It's so peaceable in here. 'Peaceable' means really quiet.


(I always say "We'll see" to the kids)

C: We'll see means "Yes".... Duh!


C: My body keeps tooting and tooting all day!


C: Mommy, I want to call you Aunt Jenny now. So, Mom.... Um, I mean Aunt Jenny...


(Cal likes to tee tee outside... one particular potted plant, actually)

C: Mommy, does the water from my tee tee help the plants grow?


Sweet sweet Patricia Danielle.... Ah, this little girl is so special. She is pure sweetness. Here's some special things about our Patti-cake.....

  • Patti is still doing Taekwondo. She loves it and is so good at it. She's one of two girls among 9 boys.
  • She's the epitome of a Daddy's Girl. Oh my goodness, she has her daddy in the palm of her hand... but she genuinely relishes this. She's gentle with his heart.... I don't think she knows how not to be. I love that she loves him so much. I know she loves me to, but I remember the bond between a daughter and her daddy..... and it is something special. Haha... I'm crying as I type this. It's priceless.
  • She's really a sweet girl. She has her moments, but she has a precious heart. She's still very shy, but she's coming out of her shell.
  • She loves to dance... she'll put on a show for us and expects a standing ovation at the end. I've tried to talk her into going to ballet this summer, but she doesn't want to. She's not a fan of change. She likes predictability and is scared of the unknown. Kindergarten is a scary word around our house.
  • She eats just about anything. I think she does this just to have one up on Cal. But, it works. She'll try just about anything. Her favorite foods are: cheese, all fruit, mac and cheese, most veggies... mainly tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, grilled chicken, fried shrimp, bread (loves bread and butter), and any kind of pasta. She recently picked out two artichokes at the grocery store and wanted me to steam them for her. Her favorite restaurant is Red Lobster.
  • Her favorite toys/games are: Littlest Petshop, her Leapster, any animal, stuffed animal, toy animal, makeup, Barbie, Princess... and then she loves games like Candy Land, Go Fish, and Memory. She's still such an animal lover... she wants a pet so bad (but Mommy and Daddy don't :)
  • She loves to draw and color... she's great at writing her name and is eager to learn how to spell. She loves to read books.
  • She's really good at using the computer and has been introduced to computer games. But, she's just as happy with a blank Word document so that she can "type letters."
  • She loves to ride horses, pet any dog she sees, eat snow cones, put on lip gloss, and get her toe nails painted..... she is such a little girl.
  • She's the best sister.... watches out for Cal and keeps him in line, and is mommy #2 to David. It's sweet to watch her with David... she talks to him just like I do. So sweet.
  • I love her laugh. I wish I could get in on here somehow. It makes me laugh along with her.
  • And her eyes... they just light up when she smiles.

Happy Birthday my precious twins... I love you so much.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Days....

Before I get in trouble, I thought I'd at least post a few pictures. I have lots and lots to post.... but no time :) I promise, I'll post more real soon!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010