Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Patti and Calloway!!

Happy 6th Birthday to my precious twins! I remember the day we brought you home from the hospital. I was a neurotic first-time mom who had no idea what to do with two babies! But God made it simple… all I had to do was love you. That was easy. Being your mommy is one of the biggest blessings of my life. I pray that I can be all that you need me to be… that God gives me the wisdom and knowledge to raise you as His children… that you praise Him by the way you live your lives. I will do all that I can to protect you and to love you with all that I am. I promise you.

My Sweet Patti… You are such an angel. Your tender heart brings me to my knees. I praise God with every breath I take… thanking Him for giving you to me. I love you more than words can say. I always called you my balance. You were always so calm and easy. We use to just lay you down next to us on the pew during church, and you would fall asleep all by yourself. It’s hard to believe that was almost six years ago.
You are still so sweet and shy and so precious. You have become such a big girl, but yet so innocent and fragile. You are so sensitive and always aware of everyone else’s feelings (except maybe your brother’s). Everyone loves you… it’s hard not to. You are sensitive, yet you can just go with the flow. It amazes me. Your teacher wrote this in your report card: “Patti is so well loved by her friends. She is a peace keeper, and helps others. She is a joy and a treasure.”
You love to shop and spend money…. Hmmm…. Wonder where that comes from? Right now, you still love your Littlest Petshop, playing with Barbies, stuffed animals of any kind, lotion and lipgloss. I have to say that stuffed animals are your obsession… but you love each and every one. You recently started helping me at my photo sessions and started earning money. As soon as you earn that money, you constantly “remind” me of it and persuade me to take you shopping. How can I resist? I want to spoil you like crazy, but I do my best to hold back.
You’ll try just about any fruit and veggie out there. You love pasta and bread. Meat’s not your favorite, but you’ll eat it. Your favorite is strawberries with sugar… that use to be my favorite when I was a little girl. Oh, and you got my sweet tooth. You’ve never tried a candy you didn’t like. Oh, and your memory is outstanding… you don’t forget a thing. If I tell you we’ll read a book when you wake up in the morning, you pop out of bed first thing in the morning and find a book! You can remember where every one of your 200 stuffed animals came from. Your prayers are always so sweet and tender… always thanking God for everything…and I mean everything. Your daddy always gets on to me when I try to cut you off. They really could go on forever. I appreciate that about you… your patience. You definitely have your daddy’s patience. You know that your Daddy adores you… you have him wrapped around every single finger and toe on your body. He would do anything for you… and you would do anything for him. It’s a precious bond that I love and I pray it stays as strong. Your brothers adore you too. Cal is just lost without you. And, you are a great big sister to David and he just loves you so much. Happy Birthday my sweet girl, I love you so very much.

My Adorable Calloway… You are so special. As a baby, you drove me to tears… and you still do. But now, they are tears of pure joy and pride. Little boy, I love you so dearly and so much that it truly hurts. You recently wrote and signed an agreement, and it says “When I am married I will still cuddle.” I sure hope your wife doesn’t object! You are definitely my cuddler~ yesterday you tried to bribe me in order to have more Kool Aid. You said, in the sweetest (most convincing whine), “I’ll cuddle with you the rest of the day.” You make me laugh… all the time. And, you are still so sensitive. You would rather eat spinach than hurt my feelings. I must add though, that you do eat some vegetables now! You like broccoli and carrots… with ranch! You learned how to eat those in Kindergarten last week. I’m so proud of you! The other day I heard you crying… Patti tried to comfort you and find out what was wrong. You were sad because you thought you hurt my feelings… precious boy! You haven’t slept by yourself in years. You still sleep in Patti’s bed, and I don’t think you’ll be making it to your bed any time soon.

Your favorite toys right now are swords… I think we have at least a dozen. You’re still into Sonic and Super Mario Bros. Daddy recently bought you some army men and it came with tanks and helicopters. I overheard you fighting the Germans… too funny.
You are always on the move… you only sit still to cuddle with someone. You run super fast and jump off of everything you can climb on. Soon, we are going to work on getting those training wheels off your bike.
You have never met a stranger. Every friend you have is your best friend. Kids love you… you just have an infectious personality. It’s adorable. Your teacher recently wrote this in your report card: “Calloway has to be the happiest child I ever taught! He gets excited about simple pleasures.” I pray that you always have that heart and that you will always find the simple pleasures in life.

You would rather listen to “Jesus music” than anything else… and you get so excited when you hear a “Jesus song.” Right now, your favorite song is In Christ Alone… it’s so cute to hear you sing it. You call it the “best Jesus song in the whole world.” You get so many of the words wrong, but it doesn’t matter… you are still praising God with each word. Priceless.

And, if you could only understand how proud your Daddy is of you. He’s your Tball coach this year… he wants to be involved in all the things you love. I get so nervous when you and him wrestle and “fight.” I guess it’s a boy thing. But, it brings the two of you together and that’s important to me, so I guess I’ll let you two have at it. Your sister loves to “mother” you… you act so annoyed by it, but I think you secretly like it. David thinks the world of you… he does everything that you do. It’s so cute.
Happy Birthday sweet boy, your mommy loves you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day in the Life of David

He eats broccoli with ranch. Well, the broccoli is more like a utensil... used to suck the ranch off of.
He likes to put on Patti's backpack when she gets home from school... and then parade around the house with it.

He likes to find markers and write all over arms and legs. Then, he comes and tattles on himself... saying, "Oh NO! Mess!!"

And he likes to go through my purse. When he's not using a black sharpie to color the inside of my wallet, he likes to wear all my new sunglasses. He thinks he's just soooo cute... and he is.

Friday, April 8, 2011

So, what have we been up to?

Well, we've been busy.... putting this big ol' thing up. I did most of it with a little help from Daniel. Well, ok... Daniel helped more than just a little. Fine, he did most of it while I sat and watched. Paw Paw and Grams were in town to see it go up! Can you believe Grams sat outside in the middle of the day for at least an hour... and she didn't melt!!!

We have been chillin' with the cuzins!

We've been dressing ourselves to drive to school and drop Patti and Cal off.

We've been reading some books (without prompting I might add).

We've also been making pancakes for breakfast. Yummy!

We just LOVE to dance around topless (well, just the boys).

We love to have lunch with Grams on the couch (and in front of the TV... party time when Grams is in town!).

Of course, we also take a bath every night (almost every night).