Friday, April 8, 2011

So, what have we been up to?

Well, we've been busy.... putting this big ol' thing up. I did most of it with a little help from Daniel. Well, ok... Daniel helped more than just a little. Fine, he did most of it while I sat and watched. Paw Paw and Grams were in town to see it go up! Can you believe Grams sat outside in the middle of the day for at least an hour... and she didn't melt!!!

We have been chillin' with the cuzins!

We've been dressing ourselves to drive to school and drop Patti and Cal off.

We've been reading some books (without prompting I might add).

We've also been making pancakes for breakfast. Yummy!

We just LOVE to dance around topless (well, just the boys).

We love to have lunch with Grams on the couch (and in front of the TV... party time when Grams is in town!).

Of course, we also take a bath every night (almost every night).


Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures but the one of David with the had is priceless.
Can hardly wait to get back to C.S.....Love Ya, Grams and yes, I did melt just have learned not to complain so much@@@@@@

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I misspelled HAT...just a typo....

Anonymous said...

Your kids melt my heart. What a neat play set--must be so much fun to play on. David is a mess!!!!
Love you all,