Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

RaNdOm ThOuGhTs......

a friend posted some of her random thoughts today, and it motivated me to share some of mine.... enjoy...

* Schlotzky's painted their CS location recently. It is AMAZING how perfectly the color matches David's dirty diapers. (you'll never go thru the drive thru again without thinking that... sorry)

* Cal told me the other day that the little spot on his face was a "question mark".... I asked what he meant and he said "yeah, a question mark like Patti's" (I am pretty sure he was referring to Patti's birth mark.

* I taught my kids the Chicken Dance today (sorry, no pictures).... they thought it was the funnest thing ever. We need to get out more.

* Both my kids informed me that they want another birthday. Huh? Do you think they enjoy being the center of attention and showered with gifts!?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My attempt to appease my mother....

My mother has been on my case! She calls me daily to remind me what a terrible blogger I am. Well, I just haven't taken many pictures lately (I'm more of a picture blogger if you know what I mean). And, I try to have semi-entertaining blog posts. So, I had to scrounge through my pictures and I actually found several worth posting. Mom, this blog's for you!

I have a friend who has picky eaters too. I saw a chart at her house the other day that had "So-and-so tried a new food" and it had several magnets behind their name. I thought that it might be something I could try with Cal (and of course, I have to do it for Patti too). So, I made this nifty chart. They have to try something new/different in order to get a sticker (right now, they just have to try it.... a little bite). When they get 10 stickers, they get to choose from a toy at Toys R Us, games at Chuck E Cheese, or bowling at Grand Station. I know, the prizes are pretty big, but I figured that I needed to make it worth it and super-exciting to start off with.

At first it worked great... Cal had a bite of a grilled cheese one day and several bites of spaghetti the next. That was it. He'd had enough. Patti, on the other hand, couldn't wait to try something new! She quickly filled up her chart... eating things like tuna, salmon, pot roast, asparagus, peas, and radishes. And, she loved all of them! So, Daddy took her to Grand Station the other night. Unfortunately, all the lanes were full so that opted for miniature golf instead. She had tons of fun. We thought that rubbing it in to Cal would encourage him to want to eat more, but he's so hard headed (a Livingston trait :) and he really didn't care. He missed them while they were gone, but didn't really care that he was missing out because he knew good and well what he had to do in order to join them. Hmm... another great plan foiled by the stubborn-4-yr-old!

Here's Patti with her chart and at Grand Station....

Since she's been trying all these new foods, Patti has been eager to help me in the kitchen. Here we are making something super-duper healthy..... haha.

Daniel took the twins swimming almost everyday this summer. I just found these pictures on a water-proof camera we just got. Doesn't look like they are having much fun, does it?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have to share a little about how sweet this little girl of mine can be. This afternoon after picking the kids up from school, she put on her unicorn outfit (she was a unicorn last Halloween). She asked for a snack for her unicorn so I gave her a big gnarly unpeeled carrot..... perfect for a unicorn. Before I knew it, she had eaten most of it and handed me the rest and told me "Mommy, you buy the bestest carrots." So sweet.

Then, she put on her princess dress (also a Halloween costume... from 2 years ago... it's a tad small). She told me "This is the dress I'm going to marry in. Yes, this is the dress I'm going to marry Daddy in." So so sweet.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What's been going on?

Whoa... where does the time go? I blinked and it's the middle of September! So, I'll briefly catch you up on what's been going on around here lately.

David is 4 months old today! He's doing much better! He's sleeping better and eating better.... his appetite has increased immensely... Grams is even on the menu!

Patti is now officially enrolled in Taekwondo and she loves it! Isn't she cute? So far, she's been the only girl. But, she doesn't even notice. She is a little on the gentle side when it comes to being aggressive, but her form is better than Cal's! Ah, I love this precious little girl.

Jennifer (Daniel's sister), Jamie, and the kids came to visit for Labor Day.It's always so fun when all the cousins are together! They are all so close in age all get along so well. There are 11 total (Lily and David aren't in picture)... their ages are 7, 7, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2 (one day from being 3), 1, 8 months and 4 months.

Nathan is almost exactly one year older than Cal and is Cal's bestest friend. Cal LOVES Nathan.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Things overheard today while playing Wii with Patti and Cal.....

P: I'm not very good at this game.

C: I'm really good at this game.

C: Mom, why don't you have any arms? (Baseball players have invisible arms... just hands)

P: I hit a stripe!!!! (strike)

C: Wow, I got 50 pounds! (50 points)

C: Patti, pluck "A" (push "A")

P: Which one do I push to make it go "ch"?

P: Cal, do you want to change your club, because I know how.

Mommy: (trying to teach Patti how to serve a tennis ball) Okay, now throw the ball up (Patti pretends to toss the ball with her left hand -- while the remote is in the right hand). No, the other hand (she puts the remote in her left hand and then pretends to toss with the right hand).