Friday, October 30, 2009

A little funny....

Patti is busy making Halloween crafts for everyone in our family. She signs the back and wants me to write who they are for on the front. Well, she wanted me to write "Paw Paw-from-Bible-class'" name on it. You see, she has 2 Paw Paws. She distinguishes them by describing where she sees them more often (such as Bible class, church, the land, the ranch, etc.). So, I wrote "To Paw Paw (from Bible class)" on it (and by the way, Bible class just means from Church). When she saw it, we had the following conversation:

P: Wow... he sure has a long name.

M: Well, I wrote To Paw Paw from Bible class on it.

P: NO! Just ONE Paw Paw!!!

M: What do you mean? You just want Paw Paw on it? (thinking she didn't want the 'from Bible class' on it..... Patti can be VERY particular about stuff like this).

P: Yes, just one Paw Paw.

M: But it has Paw Paw's name on it... see.... "To Paw Paw"

P: NOOOOO!!!!!! ONE Paw Paw!!!!

**** This went on and on and on..... we were both totally frustrated! She even cried. I was soooo confused.... until finally, Patti said:

P: Not TWO Paw Paws.... just ONE!!!

Duh.... she thought I was saying "Two Paw Paw" instead of "To Paw Paw"


Halloween Party at School

Yesterday, the kids had their Halloween Party at school. I signed up to be a "party mom." I tried to keep it simple (but, you know me....). I needed something cute and healthy... and Halloweeny. I have made rainbow jello before (thanks for introducing it to me Denise) and thought that it might be cute to try candy-corn jello. Making white jello was a challenge, but I pulled it off. According to Patti though, it was "yucky." My first batch (which I started 3 days before.... wanting to make it easy on myself the morning of the party) turned out terrible!! So, the morning of the party, I threw it out and started over. Making 3 layers of jello in 4 hours is hard, but it IS possible. I think they turned out pretty cute. Tooting my own horn? Why yes, I am.

I also came up with a cute way to do plain ol' carrots (I had the green cups in the cabinet for snacks cups). Oh, did I also mention that I dyed some homemade ranch green too. Clever. Yes. Bragging again? Indeed I am.

Some better pictures of Cal in his Warrior Ninja Dragon Fighter Whatever costume.

Patti decided to change things up a little and be a kitty this time. I think she makes a stinkin' cute kitty, don't you? Real kitty collar (with a bell) too. She wanted a leash, but I conveniently forgot to go buy one (we have no cat, and I'm not spending money on a leash she'll use for a whole 5 minutes). (Grams, keep your comment to yourself :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We had our annual Trunk or Treat at church on Sunday. It's always so much fun. We pull our cars into a big circle and pop open our trunks. Some people just give out candy (like us) and others go all out with games and decorations. You don't have to participate in the trunk part, but we always do.

My little man was adorable in his tie-dye Harley outfit. He was so good the entire time.

This is the best picture I got of the Black Dragon Ninja (or something like that). He was suppose to be Flash. I ordered the costume a couple of months ago. It came in and I left in in the box (assuming it would fit just fine) because I didn't want the kids messing with it. Well, I pulled it out the other day... and it's too big. So, we ran to Target after church and picked through what was left. All he wanted was a sword. He and Daddy picked out this costume. Was not my first choice, but he was happy with it.

I asked my litte Mermaid to pose for me... and pose she did.... and did again....and again. And again.

We have the opportunity to dress up 2 more times... so, don't worry Grams, there will be more pictures to post later.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My cowboy and cowgirl

We went to another birthday party at Carousel Acres this weekend. The kids loved it of course. Patti loves to ride horses. Cal, on the other hand, had fun just watching.

(That is my grandfather's hat Cal's wearing)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cal's new haicut

I got Cal's hair cut yesterday at this little barber shop by campus. Maybe it was a little too close to campus.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daniel's baby pictures

Okay, I thought I'd post some of Daniel's baby pictures for fun. Look at my previous post and compare the pictures of David. In the second picture here, look at his temples and then look at the last picture of David (in the previous post). Look the same?

This and that...

Bathtime is one of my favorite times of the day.

My mom said something really funny the other day.... she said, "David looks just like Daniel. In fact, he looks more like Daniel than Daniel looks like Daniel." What do you think?

The other day Cal said "I wuv you Mommy" and Patti quickly replied (with a hint of attitude) "I love everybody (always trying to one-up Cal).... except babies that walk." HA! I laughed so hard... mainly because it surprised me. Sweet little precious Patti doesn't love little walking babies? I asked her what she meant (I knew exactly what she meant, but I just wanted to hear her say it), but she got really embarrassed and couldn't explain... probably because she knew what she said wasn't very nice. You see, lots of our friends and family have toddlers. From Patti's perspective, they are annoying little creatures that don't talk, drool, mess up her toys, play with her toys without her permission, put her toys in their mouths, don't follow her directions, etc. Little does she know that she will soon have her very own baby that can walk at home. For those of you with babies that walk, please excuse my daughter. We would still love to play with you.
Patti never showed any interest in baby babies until recently (likely because of our own real baby). I saw her go get a burp cloth out of David's room because her baby was "spitting up a little."

And these are just because he's so stinkin' cute....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet Calloway

Calloway is a mess. And I say that with a smile on my face. He is energetic, busy, into everything, curious, a total boy, attention seeking, whiny, picky, and just the most precious little boy ever. He keeps me on my toes and works me into a tizzy most days. But, when it comes down to it, he just wants to make his mommy happy and when I get mad at him it crushes his heart into a million pieces (this happens quite often). He always cries and says "You be mad at me!" Yes, I am... but it doesn't last long. Oh, and he also says "But, I WUV you!" Yes, sweet boy, I wuv you too, but you drive mommy batty sometimes.

Daniel has been out-of-town since Sunday, so Cal gets to sleep with me. He's harder to put to bed and is up sometimes at night... always looking for someone to "cuddow" with him. (He still has trouble saying his l's and r's they sound like w's. But, he's getting better at saying his r's..... the only thing is that he still adds the w. For example, Norah was Nowah but now is Norwah. Cute.)

So, anyway, last night as we cuddled he started to snore. I nudged him a little and said, "Cal, you're snoring." He stopped, but then a few minutes later he started again. This time he woke himself up. He quietely whispered in a sleepy voice, "Momma, I'm sorwy." "For what" I asked. And, he said, "I'm sorwy for snorwing." After that, he could have snored all night long and I would have happily listened to it. Precious boy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kissing Cousins....

Sweet Jude... he's such a love-bug. He gives the biggest open-mouthed kisses. He's persistent too. David was on the receiving end of this sloppy lovin' this afternoon.... I think he enjoyed (most of) it. It's cute now (while they are 14 months and 4 months). Wonder what they'll say when we pull out these pictures in 10 years.