Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party at School

Yesterday, the kids had their Halloween Party at school. I signed up to be a "party mom." I tried to keep it simple (but, you know me....). I needed something cute and healthy... and Halloweeny. I have made rainbow jello before (thanks for introducing it to me Denise) and thought that it might be cute to try candy-corn jello. Making white jello was a challenge, but I pulled it off. According to Patti though, it was "yucky." My first batch (which I started 3 days before.... wanting to make it easy on myself the morning of the party) turned out terrible!! So, the morning of the party, I threw it out and started over. Making 3 layers of jello in 4 hours is hard, but it IS possible. I think they turned out pretty cute. Tooting my own horn? Why yes, I am.

I also came up with a cute way to do plain ol' carrots (I had the green cups in the cabinet for snacks cups). Oh, did I also mention that I dyed some homemade ranch green too. Clever. Yes. Bragging again? Indeed I am.

Some better pictures of Cal in his Warrior Ninja Dragon Fighter Whatever costume.

Patti decided to change things up a little and be a kitty this time. I think she makes a stinkin' cute kitty, don't you? Real kitty collar (with a bell) too. She wanted a leash, but I conveniently forgot to go buy one (we have no cat, and I'm not spending money on a leash she'll use for a whole 5 minutes). (Grams, keep your comment to yourself :)


Anonymous said...

Precious as usual...what can I say..You outdid yourself Sweetheart..but that is just "YOU"

Mihills Family Blog said...

The candy corn jello is precious!! What's the recipe for it?


I'm serious..I'd really like to know how you did it. You can email me at

Natalie said...

Martha Stewart look comes Jen...even if they did taste least they were very cute.

Perks said...

Is there anything else you would like to brag about while you're at it? How was your hair that day? Did you have your nails done? Or perhaps you gave Mrs. Sagong a pedicure while you were there!!??
j/k. Luv ya!

The Robinsons said...

LOVE that candy corn jello...SO cute!!

And Cal and Patti looked awesome as always.

Way to go Super (Room Party) Mom!