Friday, October 30, 2009

A little funny....

Patti is busy making Halloween crafts for everyone in our family. She signs the back and wants me to write who they are for on the front. Well, she wanted me to write "Paw Paw-from-Bible-class'" name on it. You see, she has 2 Paw Paws. She distinguishes them by describing where she sees them more often (such as Bible class, church, the land, the ranch, etc.). So, I wrote "To Paw Paw (from Bible class)" on it (and by the way, Bible class just means from Church). When she saw it, we had the following conversation:

P: Wow... he sure has a long name.

M: Well, I wrote To Paw Paw from Bible class on it.

P: NO! Just ONE Paw Paw!!!

M: What do you mean? You just want Paw Paw on it? (thinking she didn't want the 'from Bible class' on it..... Patti can be VERY particular about stuff like this).

P: Yes, just one Paw Paw.

M: But it has Paw Paw's name on it... see.... "To Paw Paw"

P: NOOOOO!!!!!! ONE Paw Paw!!!!

**** This went on and on and on..... we were both totally frustrated! She even cried. I was soooo confused.... until finally, Patti said:

P: Not TWO Paw Paws.... just ONE!!!

Duh.... she thought I was saying "Two Paw Paw" instead of "To Paw Paw"



Irma and Koby said...

Exhausting but Hilarious!!!

erin said...

I totally have conversations like that about 20 times a day. Good thing they're cute.