Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cal: Age 2 (I found this while I was going through old pictures on my computer. Isn't he so cute?)

A few more Cal Funnies....

Cal: Mommy, I can't go to school today... I have a fever in my legs.

Me: Oh no! A fever in your legs?

Cal: Yeah, in the bones in my legs.


Cal: Mommy, my leg is broken.

Me: Oh no! We should probably go see the doctor. He might have to give you a big shot.

Cal: Welllll, maybe it was broken yesterday.


The sink in my bathroom was full of water (and a couple of wet action figures on a towel next to it) and I needed to wash my hands. So, I let all the water drain out and Cal came running in and said... "Hey! That was my pool! Don't sink it down!!!!"


Cal: I'm awerject to strawberries.

Me: Since when are you allergic to strawberries?

Cal: Awerject means I don't like them.


Cal (to me after I wouldn't let him have a piece of candy): You're messing my heart up!

Me: Messing your heart up?

Cal: Yes! You're messing my heart up because your not letting me have candy!

Note: Sweet Patti needs a post all about her. That will be coming soon...


Perks said...

So cute for sure. I'm glad you have docemented that he used to not be a picky eater! :)

The Robinsons said...

Oh! That was so funny! And that old photo was precious! He looked close to the age that Eli is now...made me realize how quickly they grow!