Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Idea... Bad Idea

Today is Sunday.... and Sunday's are suppose to be easy and restful... right? Well, not today. Both kids are sniffly and Cal lost his voice last night. We're hoping that it's just allergies and that we'll be all better by tomorrow (they start school on Tuesday.... please let them start school on Tuesday). Not to mention that Daniel went to bed this morning at 4:30 am (he had a presentation today at the Wildlife Expo that John Deere was hosting... in Wildlife Photography). He had some issues with the computer (and he waited until the very last minute to work on his presentation... but, that's just Daniel). AND, David was up ALL night!!! Needless to say, my family was not venturing out this morning :)

So, this afternoon, the kids were getting a little bored. I pulled out a "craft".... I thought I bought one of those stained glass crafts.... you know, the one that has the little crystals and you put them in the oven? Well, wrong... I got this "lava" stuff that was ooey and gooey. The kids had fun nonetheless.

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Me said...

Brave mommy! We did the one with all the little beads...or should I say Mom did. I think the one you got is more fun for the kids because working with all those beads was hard.