Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Introducing... The Amazing Catman!

We went over to Aunt Neesey's to play the other day. My kids are both really into dress-up these days. Well, Patti found this adorable cat outfit in Chloe and Phoebe's stash. She looked SO stinkin' cute in this tight long sleeve/long leg velour leotard and cat ears. Sweet Phoebe and Chloe wanted Patti to take it home... so we borrowed it for a little while. Patti didn't want to take it off and even wore it home. The two kids went upstairs to play once we got home... a few minutes later, I heard this sweet little voice coming down the stairs....
"Wook Mommy! I'm CATMAN!!"

(Perfect blackmail in the future)


The Robinsons said...

Oh, my sides ache....so funny! And yes, most definitely potential for future blackmail.

Really, I'll be happy to make the boy some more masculine dress up clothes if you want :)

Me said...

Oh! That's just awesome! I love it!