Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun at the Beach.... Again

We headed back down to South Padre for another fun vacation at the end of July. We stayed almost 2 weeks and had so much fun. For the first week, it was just my mom, Paw Paw, the kids and me (we overlapped with my brother, Randy, and his family for one night). Daniel flew down and joined us for the last week.
This little boy adores his Grams....

It's always fun to snuggle up in this king-size bed (and to keep warm because Grams keeps it a chilly 68 degrees in the condo!).

There were lots of kids at the condos this time around. Cal just joined right on in (that's him at the end of the line... he was the smallest one.... but, also the bravest).

Here's my little guy jumping into the deep end with no life jacket (he swam right to the side with no problem... he is really swimming good).

David's growing so much! Most his vacation was spent in the condo with his Grams. Neither one complained at all.

I hope Grams doesn't kill me for posting this picture, but it was just too priceless. Grams, Patti and Cal all slept together. Cal LOVED it... he is such a cuddle-bug.

Cal loves his Paw Paw.... especially when he makes his famous popcorn!

My cousin Natalie joined us for a day. She and I were roomies in college. Crazy how fast time flies!

Patti really loved to read books with Paw Paw. Priceless memories.

Cousin Ryan and Cal.... Cal loves Ryan.

Ryan and David.... the oldest grandkid and the youngest.

Our favorite place to eat at Padre is Pirate's Landing. They have parrots outside that are so tame and just sit on the kids heads, shoulders, hands..... they even poop on you (ask Cal).

We went to visit Minnie one day.... I love this lady.

Some dear friends from Weslaco also joined us at Minnies....

And of course, fun in the sand....

Paw Paw and I took the kids on the Laguna Madre nature boardwalk....

I debated on whether or not to blog this picture.... I couldn't resist. When you gotta go, you gotta go....

Cousins.... Patti, Colleen (Natalie's little girl), and Cal


Perks said...

AWESOME pics!! OH MY!!! SO MANY really good pics.

The one of Cal needing to "go"...hilarious.

The one of Minnie holding a little Daniel....sweet.

too many to comment them!

Lisa McSpadden said...

Ohhh!! LOVE all of the pictures too. I love the kids' expressions in the ones with the parrot. Love the one of the kids and gpa on the boardwalk. Love the one of Patti and David...his little expression is so sweet. Love the one of David by himself.... Love them all, but those are my favorites. :-) AND, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great pics to scrapbook Jen. Love ya...Natalie