Saturday, June 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!!

Thanks a lot Angela!!!

First memory - That's tough. I remeber going into my sister's bedroom - I was probably three or four - and I grabbed her curling iron and burned my thumb. I screamed and cried and ran to my dad. He took me outside and cut a piece of aloe and put it on my thumb. He put me in bed and layed down with me until I fell asleep. I used to suck my thumb then and I remember the horrible taste of aloe on my thumb when I tried to put it in my mouth.

First real kiss - REAL kiss? As in sloppy? Ha. Ummm.... his name was Sean Something. I was 13 I think and he was 15... it was in the back of a tour bus in Italy. I can't believe I'm telling people this... My mother's reading this!!!!!

First love - Daniel of course! True love!

First thing you think in the morning - Cal, STOP crying!

First question you'll ask in heaven - So, did I have twins b/c you love me or not love me? HAHA.... totally kidding! They are a true gift!

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation - How long's the drive?

First best friend - Sophie Alton... I wonder where she is.... haven't talked to her in over 20 yrs.

Last time you dressed up - Ummm.... like a couple months ago... we went to see AIDA (Opas)

Last thing you ate - A black olive (I'm making a salad for dinner)

Last CD you bought - A Kid's Worship CD... I love it!

Last good book you read - A Heart Like Jesus... Max Lucado

Last time you cried - Saturday.... watching a video we made for my father-in-law's birthday. It was from the time Jennifer was born to the present.... over 800 pictures and 48 minutes of great memories. Priceless!

Last time you told someone you loved them - Just a minute ago... Patti came to give me sugar... sweet girl!

Last really funny thing you did - I have no idea...

Last thing you watched on TV - I recorded some cheesy movie off the Hallmark Channel and watched part of it this afternoon... don't remember the name (it was that good).

I tag... Maria, Megan K. , and Megan E. (Paul's Granddaughter)

What I'm ExCiTeD about... Daniel has Monday off! Who wants to go shopping??!!


Perkins said...

ha-ha! You are funny. Thanks for the sloppy kiss story. I think I'll send the link to your blog to the Livingston family. :) Shopping on Monday? Count me long as I can bring my 3 kids. :) Oh wait, that's not fun.

Robinson Family said...

Thanks for humoring me :) I'm going grocery shopping Monday...wanna come?

Josh said...

(This is Erin, obviously.) I want to go shopping! When? Where?