Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh Cal, what are we to do with you?

My sweet Cal. He is a handful. There is never a dull moment with Cal around. I thought I'd share just a few of our "Cal moments" with you... these were taken the last few days.

Here's Cal wearing Patti's dress-up princess shoes. He ran up to me with them in his hands just so excited for me to put them on him. I did. Then, he ran off screaming and trying to get them off. Maybe he was embarrassed when he realized that they weren't very masculine... or maybe they just hurt his feet... I don't know.

Looking cool... sitting on a box.

Do I even have to explain? ...

Yes, eventually it all comes to a brief stop...


Robinson Family said...

Sure he brought those shoes to you...looks to me like you made him put them on for the pictures, while he cried for you to please not blog those pictures!

I LOVE the one of him sleeping in his boots. Classic!

erin said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny, I have been trying for several days to get on your blog, but my Google code won't let me in. You can show me what I am doing wrong when you come down. Your mom and I are really getting excited that you all will be here soon. Maybe we can walk on the beach. We will try and get your mom to come along.(smile)
The pictures of Cal are precious.
Much Love from your "New Dad"
"Psalm 91"