Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's mine is mine, and what's yours in mine!

We've been having some issues... well, lots of issues actually... about fighting over toys. What one has, the other one wants. There are so many toys to play with, but they just have to play with the same one. Patti is talking lots more than Cal is (but the boy understands more than he leads you to believe). I am trying to teach them about sharing and taking turns... hahaha (I can hear you mothers laughing)... teaching two 2-yr olds to share!! One word - exasperating! So, Patti just yells "SHARE!" when Cal starts to play with something she's playing with. Sometimes I have to break up some pretty serious fights (they have tried to hit, bite, pull hair, etc.). It's hard - no wait, impossible - to know who had what or what started the whole thing (unless I saw who had the toy first). So, normally I just cry along with them... no, really I do. My kids are really persistent - hard to believe huh? The other day, the screaming started "NO!" "SHARE!" "AHHHHH!"... a broom! Fighting over a broom! How in the world do you share a broom??? This time, instead of crying, I grabbed my camera and took pictures. Terrible, I know. A couple of pictures might be fuzzy... I was laughing pretty hard. Patti ended up winning the fight leaving Cal on the floor crying (she pushed him down). I'm really not that terrible... we had a talk about fighting and pushing and being "sweet"... the whole thing ended with hugs and kisses (forced on by mommy of course). I think Patti felt bad about the whole thing because she handed Cal the broom afterwards.


Anonymous said...

O, so much fun. Now we are here in person to hold, help, and enjoy.

Robinson Family said...

So funny! I love the one where it looks like Cal is gonna walk away with it, and you can see Patti lunging for one last tug to victory! Thanks for sharing :)

Kathy C said...

I wish I could say it gets better, but the girls are 7 and 4 and I saw this same scenario (it was a cinderella dress) just yesterday! Thanks fro the photos. They made me laugh.

God bless,
Kathy C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen...they are way too thinking on grabbing the might as well laugh instead of least they have each other to fight with...Colleen fights with me over the we are thinking maybe we should work on a brother or sister for her, so they can fight with each other instead of us....Love ya and miss ya...Natalie & Colleen