Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Am I asking too much?

You know, it's been a long day... I'm tired and would like to pass off some of my chores... is it too much to ask of my 2 yr. olds to do a little sweeping and maybe some laundry? Guess I push too hard... they both fizzled out on me and took a little rest on the pile of clothes that they were suppose to be washing.... I'll have Daddy talk to them about their chores when he gets home!


Robinson Family said... guess is they were fighting over that broom again and the laundry cushioned the final blow ;)

Meg Knight said...
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Meg Knight said...

Owen would totally fight for that broom! He already told me that he is going to ask Santa for a little broom, little vacuum and roller skates.

Jenny said...

How cute is he!?! You know cleaning while on roller scates is super efficient... thinks smart just like his mommy (heehee).