Monday, October 8, 2007

Family fun in Galveston

Daniel and I took the kids to Galveston this last weekend. It was our first "family" vacation. We had a blast! The kids were fabulous and are at such a fun age! Our first stop was Moody Gardens (that's where we stayed too) - Aquarium and Rainforest. Forgive me for all the pictures, but I got carried away.

Patti loved the butterflies... she put her hand out (like they show her in Bible class) and was being really still - hoping a butterfly would land on her.

We got to the hotel a little early and had to wait in the lobby until our room was ready. Moody Gardens is great... when we checked in, they had gift bags for the kids. The goggles were a big hit!

Cal loved the room... he was right at home.

After settling in, we went downstairs where they had a clown doing balloon animals and face painting. Cal wasn't interested in the painting, but loved his poodle! Patti got Elmo painted on her hand... she was so proud of it! The hotel also had a big jumpy-thing (whatever!) that the kids loved playing on.

After playing at the hotel, we realized it was time for dinner. So, we loaded the kids up and tried to find a place to eat. Since we were having so much fun, and because our hotel check-in was 4:00, there was no time for naps. Cal and Patti managed to get one in on the way to dinner.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for bed. Daniel brought in the DVD player and set up a nice little pallet for the kids. They loved it.

The next morning we went to the Lone Star Flight Museum.

Then, it was off to the Strand to do some shopping... woo hoo! We stopped off at the ice cream and candy shop.

I have to admit, it was some of the best ice cream!

Daniel was the candy-dealer.

Before heading home, we stopped at Joe's Crabshack to eat... only b/c they had a great outdoor playground. We thought we should get the kids nice and tired before the drive home.

It worked....


Robinson Family said...

It looks like SUCH a fun weekend! I loved all the pictures--especially of them sleeping so peacefully in the car. But the goggles, Cal chair-diving, and the dvd pallet on the floor were all precious too. I'm so happy your family vacation was a success! (Ok, and maybe a tad bit jealous)

erin said...

Hmmm...maybe we should try Galveston again, stay not 15 miles out in a condo, and skip the beach. My kind of vacation. I loved the pictures. We're huge fans of Moody Gardens, too. And color me impressed that you took them shopping.

Meg Knight said...

Can't believe how big the kids are getting! Vacation looks as though it were a blast! What a huge blessing for everyone in your sweet family.

patti pauley said...

The pictures are precious!!! But....where are the pics of Jenny?I especially loved the "worn out" little one.....

Jenny said...

Yes, it was definately a fun vacation! They were so much fun... and great little shoppers! I wasn't in the pictures for several reasons (well, I WAS in pictures... I just didn't post those)... one, Dan was in charge of the kids most the time... two, I think I had my blog in mind and wanted to make sure I got some good pictures for it... and, three, I was having a bad hair weekend (the humidity was terrible).

Amy said...

Looks like you wore them out.
Im glad you had fun.