Thursday, November 1, 2007

Catching up

Well, I was informed yesterday that I am a terrible blogger (thanks Lee). I just didn't think anyone was interested in our boring and mundane lives. Evidently, there are readers out there and they want more! Sweet! We are loved and important to someone! Normally (well, all the time), everyone just wants to see pictures of the twins and to read about all the crazy and cute things they've been doing. I sat down to look through my camera and see if there was anything interesting to post. I did come across some fun pictures that I'll share.

Paw paw came over the other night and he and Daniel got on this great website to look at aerial maps (okay, I say 'great' with total sarcasm.... what I mean is boooorrrrriiiinnnngggg). At least Cal thought it was interesting. I promise, I took this picture without setting it up.... that's exactly how they were sitting... cute huh?

Sunday evening the Perkins crew came over for dinner (our usual hot and ready pizza). Denise got suckered in to doing "tummy bubbles". What a fun Aunt Neesy (or Measy)!

I had the great privilege of having Isaiah all to myself the other day while Denise and Mike went on a field trip with Chloe. I've had a hard time getting Patti and Cal to be nice to babies (most kids want to love on them and hold them.... haha, yeah right.... they're more of a nuisance to my kids. My kids like to push them down, take toys away from them, and then whack them with the toys they just took away). Well, we've come a long way... here's Cal sharing cheerios with Isaiah (the Cheerios he just stole from him of course).

This one is just cute....

Okay, this is funny.... I have this little tricycle on top of my fridge for decoration. Patti has asked for it a million times and I finally thought 'why not?' Well, she became very frustrated when she couldn't ride it around the kitchen. Huge meltdown. That would be the first and last time I get the bike down.

I really wasn't much in the Halloween spirit (that really doesn't make much sense does it?) this year. Cal was Dash from the Incredibles and Patti was originally a princess (but she became a cat when she decided that she didn't like the princess dress). We just went to see Lee and the puppies and then to Walmart to see Paw paw. The kids are still a little young to get the whole concept.
Even super heroes need to have their blood pressure checked!

They had this child-sized pony
at Walmart... very life like and it had sensors on it's nose, shoulder and back. Any time you touched it, it would "may" (as Patti says). The kids loved feeding it and brushing it.

Just one more thing.... Patti and Cal have been talking so much more lately (I was almost starting to worry about it). Anyway, some of Patti's new words are just too cute and I have to share:

Owl: Alo

Movie: Noomy

Buzz Lightyear: Bob Wike-ear


Perkins said...

o.k...I have lots of comments. :)
1- great post. You could of separated it into 5 days worth though. :)
2- Poor Cal. Like grandpa like father like son? Is he doomed to get that same bald spot in the back, too?
3- Aerial maps? Torture. Is Cal going to be "one of them" (like g-pa, like dad) that like to talk about such matters as dirt, weather, russian dictators, natures' mysteries, etc. If so, Isaiah is not available to hang out anymore.
4- Are you sure Cal actually put that cheerio in Isaiah's mouth and let go of it? Your kids have a tendency to put it in his mouth and take it back out right quick.
5- Patti on the tricycle...hilarious.
6- Do you realize how many kids at Walmart are playing with that horse? Pawpaw showed it to my kids too and it pretty much grossed me out.

Robinson Family said...

Great post...I'm happy to have an update, whether it's an "info overload" or not :)

LOVE the photo of your three guys sitting together (even if it was boring aerial maps that brought them together).

The kids looked SO cute in their costumes.

And yes, Norah loves Butterscotch, Walmart's new mascot too...although I guess I'm not as good (or at least as clean) a mom as Denise, cause I let her go to town, and she had a ball feeding the "hoh-see" a "ked-it". Besides, it's not like I'm gonna actually spend $294 to bring a sanitary Butterscotch into our home any time soon!

Irene said...

yay! what great pics! keep 'em coming!

Meg Knight said...

It's not GOOGLE Earth, is it!?!?!? Aaaaaahhhh! What is the infatuation?!

Loved the new words! At times I think "Owen says the cutest things, I hope he always says it like that", then I think "Yeah, that would so not be cool if pronounces it the same as a teenager"! Enjoy the "small-talk" while it lasts!

Amy said...

Yea for the new post!
Patti riding the mini-bike made me laugh out loud.
I loved all of it. Thanks for sharing...those of us who have a much less eventful life (no kids)enjoy reading about life in the unpredictable lane. ;o)
Who knew WalMart could be so fun?!

paul pauley said...

Great pics... love you all.