Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun while Mommy's away....

So, Monday was my birthday. My girlfriends took me out for a fabulous dinner at Cafe Excel (my favoritest place ever). Thanks again girls! I know that the kids have fun with Daddy while I'm away... but, seriously, how much fun can they have without Mommy? So, Tuesday Daniel was telling me about how they all three rode around on this plasma car we have. He said that he made a little "course" to ride - pulling back rugs and moving some furniture. I was having a hard time believing that he would go through that much trouble to entertain the kids (forgetting that he's just a big kid himself and it was Daddy being creative and entertaining himself - added bonus of entertaining the kids). That evening, he decided to give me a little peek at their "fun while Mommy's away."


Robinson Family said...

Too cute! I'm sure the kids ate it up! (And you're right Daniel DOES look like a big kid, you can tell he's having as much fun as they are)

BTW--In the first picture of Patti--that is the first time I've seen her smile that smile---it looks just like Cal's mischievous (irresistible) smile!

Amy said...

Fun dad!
BTW, you have some very cute kids which Im sure you already knew, but it can't hurt to be reminded!! ;)