Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun!

Lots of fun stuff happening over Thanksgiving.... Jamie, Jennifer and the kids joined the rest of the family here in CS. We had our big turkey dinner (lunch) here at my house. The menu was endless (I think we counted 10 sides... plus rolls and 4-5 desserts). And, every bit of it was delicious... just ask my hips. Here are a few pictures... more to come soon.


Robinson Family said...

Everything looks delicious! Thanksgiving food is the best...if it came around more than once a year, I think I'd have to buy much wider doors for our house.

I love the shot of the kids' table. They are all really blessed to have so many close-in-age cousins. I know they'll grow up with such fun memories of family holidays! (I still haven't graduated from the "kids table" when our family gets together, and I hope I never do...it's WAY more fun)

Goldfish said...

Warren got the puzzle at my-jigsaw.com ...I think. :)