Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Part 1

There are too many cute pictures to post of our fabulous Easter weekend.
So, we'll just start with Friday....

The girls (Jennifer, Denise and I) had a day of shopping in Houston. When I say "a day", I mean a whole entire day. We left at 8 am and got home at 10:30 pm. There were two eating stops (Cheesecake Factory and Fajita "somethingarather's" -- I can't remember the name). The kids spent the day with their dads at Paw Paw's land having the time of their lives.

Sam, Cal and Patti with Uncle Jamie

We sent some Easter cupcakes for the kids... can you tell they liked them?

The kids love the tractor.... at one point, Daniel had 6 of the kids with him riding around in it.

Riding down to the creek.

This is one of our favorite spots.

Cal just can't keep his clothes on.


Stephanie said...

What could be more fun than shopping without kids for an entire day?! Glad to hear that you had fun and so did the kids. Love the fact that Cal can't keep his clothes on! Such a boy!

Mihills Family Blog said...

Jennifer shared some pictures with me of ya'lls' week-end. How much fun to have so many cousins in ages so close together! I loved the cupcake pictures. I think blue is Nathan's color!
And what a fun place...pawpaw's land. Can't compete with that!
Way to go Cal...clothes are just too confining! ha

Grace, Nathan & Sam's Mammy

Lisa McSpadden said...

OHH!!! LOVE the pics! It SO reminds me of being on Grandpa Livingston's farm and going to the creek. I KNOW we have pictures exactly like this of Jennifer, Denise, Daniel, Stephen and I at the creek with Grandma and Grandpa. Cousins rock. :-)