Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Ranch

Okay, here's the last of 'em.

The Ranch is always fun.... riding in the jeep, the 4 wheeler, the Gramsmobile, etc. The kids love it and I do too.... it's our home away from home.

Grams and Paw Paw took the kids for a ride in the Gramsmobile (picture below) while mommy had some much-needed quite time to shower and get ready. Well, they saw 3 turtles... Patti became obsessed (imagine that). We spent the rest of the day driving around so that she could find one and hold it... and "knock knock" on it's shell (thanks Bible class :) We searched and searched (while Patti said over and over... Mommy, I wanna see a turtle, I wanna hold it - Mommy, I wanna see a turtle, I wanna knock knock. Mommy, I wanna see a turtle...)... enough to drive anyone insane! I was ready to give up, but Paw Paw was determined. He finally said a little prayer.... Pleeeeeaaaaase Lord, let us see a turtle. I don't know if his plea was in order to make her happy or get her to stop asking. Well, the bouncy jeep ride put both kids to sleep. Within about a minute of Patti falling asleep, here comes a turtle. Paw Paw asked me, What should we do? I replied, Wake the girl up!! As soon as I told her there was a turtle, up she popped. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the turtle.

Thanks Grams and Paw Paw for a wonderful time!!!

(notice the highway behind us and the fact that the picture was taken from the driver's seat.... man, I'm good... didn't even take my eyes off the road ahead of me... Grams had a panic attack though)

Side note: I know that some of you who read this blog see my kids often (be it church, Bible class, LBC nursery, etc). Who is teaching them "Pee -pie"? We always say "Peek-a-boo"... but they both are constantly saying "Pee-pie" instead. I just think it's funny.

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Robinson Family said...

Are they in Johnnie Ruth's class? I know for a fact that she says Pee-Pie (She's my great aunt, and I heard that one a LOT growing up)...but then again, so do most of the older ladies I know.

The antler pics cracked me up!! Both of their poses fit their personalities!