Monday, June 16, 2008


I know, I know.... I stink at blogging right now. Sorry. It's been busy, but nothing worth blogging about. I went searching for my camera, hoping that there were some pictures to post, but I can't find the camera.... and, I'm too tired to really look for it. It's been a long week.... Cal started a fever last worse, went to Doc on Thursday.... just a virus.... Patti started fever Friday.... so did I.... miserable.....Patti still has a little fever... Cal and I are better.... who's next?

I do have a few pictures to post though. These were at the beach.... Patti and her cousin, Colleen, playing in the sand. Colleen's mommy, Natalie, is my cousin (actually, Nat's grandmother and my dad were first cousins.... don't ask me to tell you what level of cousins that make us or our children).

Dilemma: I need some help.... my hairstylist (who is a friend from high school) won't cut my hair. She wants me to grow it out. I think she hates me. My hair is curly and thick.... thick. It's hot! I love my hair short, but she insists that I need to grow it out. Daniel's not too opinionated about it, but leans a little left (long). Sooo, should I threaten to fire my stylist and make her cut it or do you side with the long'do'. I need help... especially from those who have seen it long and short.


Perks said...

It's your hair. Do what you want. I had your stylist 3 stylist ago. I think it helps to switch every few years so you don't get in a rut. Fire her! :)

Aren't you glad I am opinionated??!! :)

Anonymous said...

When your hair is long, you look younger. Short makes you look like a soccer mom. While you are young enough,let it grow-older woman don't need to try and save their youth! Pony tails always work. Jacklyn looks great and is very good at what she does. I will think you are beautiful regardless, but go back long. Your hair is one of your best features.

Amy said...

Honestly (not b/c I feel like I have to say this) you will look GReaT no matter what! I've never seen it long, but if its anything like Patty's it would be beautiful. =) You can't lose either way...I personally think long hair is easier...ponytails are my friend!

SheridanLeftwich said...

I have never seen it long and want to. So.... Grow it out! Let me see!

As if that is a reason to grow your hair. But, I have always wanted thick dark curly hairy but instead I have thin kind of weird curly wirey hair. NOT good. So if I were you I would definately grow it. Worse case, you could cut it if you hate it.:)

sarahdawn said...

Hmmm...I've never seen you with long hair. Here's what I know about myself. The longer my hair is the more often it's in a ponytail which tells the world that I don't care what my hair looks like. So now, I keep it above the shoulders and I actually pay someone to make it curly so I have zero maintenance. It's your hair girl, do what you want!

Anonymous said...

I thought you looked like a hot mama when I saw you a couple of weeks ago(you are always pretty)...but I especially noticed how pretty your hair looked. I naturally have VERY thick/wavy/course hair & i think it lays flatter once it grows long(you just have to get it past the awkward length) + you always have the option to pull it back!
-amanda(angela's sister) :)

Robinson Family said...

I'm jumping on the "grow it out" bandwagon...and not because I hate you. I mean, hello? You have gorgeous hair, and you know Daniel likes it long! (What did it look like when you were dating?)

And on the ponytail note...yes, it might mean that you aren't in the mood to fix your hair...but if they're done right, they don't have to let the world know it. A well-styled pony has its merits!