Monday, June 30, 2008

No, I'm not pregnant...

We just have new pets. Patti is FiNaLLy pooping in the potty (Cal's a different sad story). So, I bought her a ferret. Yes, a ferret. No, I haven't lost my mind. The people at Petco are super-convincing that ferrets are great pets. We set out to get a rabbit,but were convinced that this adorable, cute, fuzzy little rat-looking creature was much more fun and child-friendly. Oh, okay.... sucker! I will post pictures of "Skunky" soon.

So, while talking about getting Patti a bunny, my hair stylist (yes, I visited my stylist for a cut.... couldn't stand the long hair!.... she only cut the back, giving the top a chance to grow out if I want :) .... anyway, she had a friend who was trying to get rid of a bunny. Her daughter had the bunny for a year (she's 4 now).... so, it was used to kids. And, of course I didn't turn it down. I love animals, what can I say. So, welcome Domino (a black and white cute little bunny). Hmmm.... sucker.

Okay, now that I have had these two adorable cute creatures in my house for a week, I'm ready to get rid of them :) There's a nice musty stench in my house that I can't cover up with my candles. And, they poop. Yes... believe it or not, they poop. A lot! So, that means frequent cage changes. Yuck! Patti thinks that they can come out to play whenever she wants them to. I catch her walking into the bathroom while I'm fixing my hair with Skunky in her arms.... or, pushing Domino around in her little shopping cart. Cute, yes. Gross, yes. Hmmm. Sucker!

Okay, I'll post pictures later!!!


Maggi said...

Oh my, I love ferrets, I want one. Hmm, but Nathaniel hardly even wants a dog(someday). Sigh.

LOL, I can just imagine her getting them out. And the ferret doesn't try to eat the rabbit?

SheridanLeftwich said...

What a brave mom you are. My kids have been begging for all sorts of animals and I wont have it. I don't want anything else to take care of. It makes me feel like a bad ole mommy. One of these days I'll have to give in.