Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Part II

Okay, I really try to avoid posting pictures of myself..... especially big and pregnant. But, I felt compelled to post at least one (okay, probably the first and last). Here I am at 20 weeks. Yes, just 20.

Christmas morning.... this is a totally different experience with kids. The twins are finally at an age where they are understanding the meaning of Christmas and anticipate Christmas morning. It was so fun, but over so quick. That afternoon, we went over to my father-in-law's and spent the evening stuffing our faces and opening presents. There are 9 cousins ages 6 and under.... plus two more on the way. Fun, special, loud and chaotic.... the only way to describe it. Sorry, no pictures.... I forgot my camera. Maybe one of my sister-in-laws will be nice enough to share some with me.

The day after Christmas, we headed down South for a few days at the Ranch with my brother and his family. We don't get to see them much, so the time we have with them is precious. The kids loved playing with their older cousins..... and just being at The Ranch.

Gracyn, Patti, Ryan, and Cal

Grams is GrEaT, she give us ChOcOlAtE CaKe!

My mom is always right here.... in the kitchen working her magic. The bar is the best seat in the house..... especially when you're 3 and Grams just baked a chocolate cake.


Christine said...

You look beautiful pregnant! Thanks for letting us see you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!!!! The look on Cal's face says it all...What a Joy You All Are..Come Back to Grams House Soon..Cal's baby moving is over the top!!!!!....Love Ya...Mom aka Grams

Anonymous said...

You look great Jen...stop being hard on yourself!!! I hope you and the kids had a wonderful Christmas. Sorry we haven't been able to get together :-( Hey, I'm with Cal...I think it would be great if men could have babies!!!

Love ya & Miss ya...Natalie