Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tagged, awarded, and then tagged again...

I feel like I've been playing catch-up lately.... only to find that I'm getting further and further behind. Hmm.... how does that work?

I received my very first award! Yay for me! Sheri thought that Cal's wonderful (or comical) photography skills were worthy of this....

I'm suppose to pass this award along to 7 others.... so here goes.... I award this Lovely Blog Award to....

1. Quickies..... LOVE the blog layout and the pictures!

2. AIMING for perfection..... LOVE your thoughts.... and your fabulous pictures.

3. Erin's Two Cents.... LOVE your sense of humor... and that of your kids.

4. the happenings of NOAH.... LOVE and admire your honesty.

5. The Nicksonian.... LOVE all the pictures of your sweet little girl.

6. We are the Weatherfords..... LOVE seeing Olivia grow.... but, it's been a while since your last post. Hello?

7. "Mihills" are alive.... with the sound of children..... LOVE my new little niece and hearing about our sweet cousins.

By the way, check out my cute little niece.....

Sheri also tagged me.... to post the fourth picture in my fourth folder. Unfortunately, Sheri, it's not one that Cal took, but funny nonetheless! In fact, in your honor, I will hand over my camera to Cal tomorrow and devote an entire post to the pictures he is going to take. I would do it now, but my camera is in my car and I am just way too lazy to go get it!

I tag all the awarded mentioned above (whew... that was easy)!

Okay, last but not least.... 10 Honest Things About Me!

1. I love ketchup! My dad said that I was born with a bottle of ketchup in my hand....when I was little, I really thought that was true. Some things aren't worth eating without ketchup.

2. I sleep with socks on... even in the summer. I have tried to go sock-less, but I wake up in the middle of the night and put them on. Can't do it.

3. I speak Spanish really well. Well, not perfect... but pretty good. I learned it growing up in South Texas.... at the same time I learned English. I've been able to hang on to it even though I don't speak it all the time.

4. I am obsessed with making a list. I have at least one list going at all times and I really don't think I could function without it. If it's not on the "list".... it probably won't get done. I looooovvvve to scratch stuff off my list. I'll even do something and write it on my list just to scratch it off. Feels good.

5. I can't sew. Just have no interest. I am surrounded by friends and family that are great at it. They can sew whatever I need. Don't need to learn. Don't wanna.

6. I love to cook but hate following a recipe. In fact, I hate to bake just because you HAVE to follow the recipe. I just use recipes as a guideline.... never measure..... never make anything the exact same way twice. Daniel loves my cooking.... but he'll get mad when he tries something and likes it and wants me to make it exactly the same again. Too bad... didn't write it down.

7. I hunt and have guns. Scary? I got my first rifle when I was 12 and my first pistol when I was 20 (birthday gift from my mom.... how cool is that?). I shot my first deer when I was 8. I really don't hunt or use my gun anymore. I just lost interest I guess. There's something about having kids too that make guns a little more scary.

8. Daniel baptized me when we were dating. It's all a really cool story.... you should ask me about it sometime.

9. My dad died 21 years ago..... the anniversary was just last week. It's been a long long time, and time definitely helps heal. I'm mentioning this because even though I thought that it was the end of my life.... it ended up being the beginning of it. At that moment, my life changed forever....even though God took something so special away from me, He showered me with so many blessings. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am now without those changes in my life. Don't get me wrong, of course I miss my dad and it hurts that he doesn't know my children.... but I truley believe in that saying... when He closes a door, He leaves a window open. He has a plan for us and we just have to trust and obey.... right? And, my "new" dad is so wonderful. God knows what He's doing. No doubt.

10. Daniel proposed to me on the top of a 14,000 foot mountain (literally pushing me up the last several hundred feet). He said that he wanted me to be "on top of the world when he asked me to be his wife"..... isn't that sweet?

11...... okay, I know there were only suppose to be 10, but I just thought of one more that I have to share.... Daniel told ME I was pregnant. Long story, you'll have to ask me about it later.


Amy said...

Loved this post. What a beautiful neice!
BTW, you have such interesting stories...I love learning more about you.

Amy said...

I meant niece. =0)

Stephanie said...

We need to get together some day and just talk and get to know each other and let the kiddos play. I think we have a lot in common.

Can't wait for the post of Cal pictures.

BTW, your niece is beautiful!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Eric told me I was pregnant both times. How do they know?!

Lisa McSpadden said...

LOVED your list. I totally think you should write a blog post about #11. It's one of my favorite stories ever and I still can't believe my cousin Daniel is so sneaky and creative!! It's too good to not have it written down. :-) (I've told multiple people that story.)

I've never heard about #8 and would love to hear about it too! :-)

Scott, Sara, and Sydney Nickson said...

I was behind on reading! Beautiful niece! She is photogenic already!