Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching up again...

I have been having a hard time getting motivated to blog. Actually I think the problem is that once I sit down at my computer, I realize that my camera is on the other side of the house.... and, once I'm down, it's hard to get moving again :) I've uploaded a few pictures, but there are still tons on my camera (which is in the kitchen.... and, I'm nice and comfy right now).

So, I'll catch up on the last couple of weeks slowly.

My sweet babies turned 4 on Saturday. I thought I'd keep things simple this year.... so I had two parties on the same day. Smart. No really, it was so much fun. We had a little party for their "school" friends at lunch (another little boy in their class was celebrating his bday too, so his mom and I combined our parties) and then just family that evening. I'll update on all that later with pictures.

My mom and I went to get pedicures a week or so ago. Patti had a fit that we were leaving her at home. She loves to put on the guilt trip.... saying things like "but, I loooove you" and "but, I miss you" with big tears in her eyes. It's pretty pathetic.... but sweet. So, we decided to take her with us. She was an absolute AnGeL!!! She just sat there, as still as could be, while the lady painted her nails. After she was done, she sat in her chair and didn't move. She enjoyed her massage and just looked around taking it all in. So sweet.

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The Quick Diva said...

that's right...teaching her early to pamper herself!!!