Friday, April 10, 2009

How much is too much?

Okay, so I have a question for you mommies out there. I'm almost 36 weeks and am feeling this little guy move more than ever. Aren't they suppose to start running out of room by now? He's not kicking... just rolling and rolling and stretching and stretching. It's almost painful sometimes. I can feel almost his entire body through my skin.... okay, maybe a little exaggeration. I never felt like this with the twins... maybe because there just wasn't enough room in there. It makes me nervous sometimes because it feels like he's soooo close to the surface.... I could pinch him through my skin. A little weird. Any of you ever felt this? There's never really a moment that I can't touch my belly and feel a leg, foot, bottom, or something moving around. Sometimes I can actually roll him over or across my stomach. Hmm?


J Katy Garner said...

Hey there, My girls were both little Mia Hamm's in there. Especially at the end I could for sure feel and SEE little feet elbows bottoms and heads. You are normal! : ) Put your feet up and relax, I'm excited to hold that little guy soon!

Jennifer said...

I thought Lily was going to come out through my stomach at any moment. She was so wild inside! I could feel little arms, feet, her bottom...just about everything. As much as I loved feeling her move around, it totally tired me out!!! You probably have already done this but put a little dixie cup or even a remote on your stomach (when you're laying down) and let the kids count how long it takes for it to fall off! My kids loved that! (and it didn't take long!)

Enjoy...can't wait to meet the little cutie!!!

Perks said...

There's no such thing as "too much"! Sorry! Soak up those last few weeks of little buddy snuggled inside of you! :)

Lisa McSpadden said...

Our little guys is doing the exact same thing!! Glen can be across the room and watch my stomach move and's so crazy! So are we going to have our babies an hour apart like Denise and my sis-in-law did?

Love u!