Monday, June 15, 2009

Cal and Baby Jesus

I just had a good laugh... I have to document it or else I'll forget.

Daniel was telling Patti that he loved her and asked her if she wanted to marry him (kidding around of course... that's just gross if you think he was serious). I asked Cal who he was going to marry (I've already married him off to a best friend's daughter... just wanted to know if he remembered :) He looked at me puzzled (we really don't talk a lot about being married... it just doesn't come up in conversations with the kids.... so, my kids are unfamiliar with the word/concept). I asked him again, "who are you going to marry?" He sweetly and confusingly (I may have just made up that word).... answered "Baby Jesus??" Get it? "Mary"... and Baby Jesus. He does listen in Bible Class.


Kristian said...

Jenny, I just love reading all your stories. You have such a beautiful family. Congratlations on your newest addition. He's beautiful.



That is too funny! He's such and joyful child to be around!