Monday, June 1, 2009


I put David down in his bassinet in my room.... with Cal and Patti laying on my bed watching Dora and eating marshmallows. I was just a few feet away in the bathroom trying to do something with this mop on my head (aka hair). Here's how the conversation went....

Cal: Yes, he likes marshmallows...

Patti: No Cal!!

Me: (whipping around the corner) Cal! Do NOT ever put anything in David's mouth!!

Patti: Yeah... only milk!

Me: Right Patti... but, only mommy does that right?

Patti: Right. And, when I'm bigger I will give him my milk.

Cal: Yeah... and when I'M bigger, I will give him my milk too.

(I'll leave that one for Daniel to explain)


Stephanie said...

That's funny. Glad that David hasn't found his love for marshmallows yet. ;0

Mihills Family Blog said...

I don't see the problem. Sam carries his baby around under his shirt "feeding" him. Seems to work for him! :-)


The Robinsons said...


Maggi said...

That is sweet! Yay for little boys who want to take care of their babies!

I love it when Elisabeth nurses her dolls.

Amy B. said...

that is super funny!