Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello February!

Unfortunately, blogging has not been at the top of my to-do list. But, since I've been informed that my blogging stinks (hmm.... I'm getting this a lot), I decided to give you a quick post. I wouldn't want my readers to give up on us and never visit our blog again. So, here is our quick update (I promise more soon... really.)

Calloway is the same sweet silly boy as usual. He's doing so great in school... so much better than I hoped he would. He's learning so much everyday. Right now they're doing a unit on Space and Weather. He loves to share all that he has learned.... in fact, the other day he told me that 72 degrees what the temperature that everyone was comfortable at and wanted to know if that's what it was in our house. And, if it wasn't, then that's what we needed to make it. He also tells me that he loves me to Mars, to Saturn, to the Milky Way.... and then asks which one is further, because that's the one he loves me to. Sweet boy.
Patti is just the sweetest girl ever. She is doing amazing in school (which doesn't surprise me... I always knew she'd take after me). She is everyone's friend and is so eager to please and to do well. I've lost count how many times she's made Super Kid in her class. She is getting more and more independent, which makes me a little sad. She is such a wonderful sister to her brothers... I sometimes have to remind her not to "mother" Cal too much though. She likes to take a mother/teacher role with him, and he hates it. She told me that she wants to be a teacher and a veterinarian... so I told her that maybe one day she could just teach animals. She thought I was silly. Smart girl.
David is really becoming a little boy and not my little baby! He's so stinkin' cute... I just want to wrap him in my arms and never let go. Lucky for me, he is a big snuggler like his older brother. I love it! If I have something in my lap, he'll take it and toss it to the side and then climb up. He is really talking more and more... He says Pah-E (Patti), Dowl (Cal), mas (more in spanish), dis, dat, wahwah, wook (look), nack (snack)... it's just too cute! He has a terrible temper and will even put himself in timeout when he has his fits. He still has trouble understanding the word "no"... but we're working on it!


Anonymous said...

You are right--David is adorable. You have 3 of the cutest kids I've been around. Cal and Patti hold my heart because their Mom is so special to me. Oh, I need a box top lesson. Your example didn't come thru. Thanks for the pictures--about time!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved Lee's note...ditto for me on all she said except the box tops..mine are in the mail. Give my babies a big kiss for me...David does look like Bryan...all so precious!!!...btw..I like "Eric the Red"...that is the name of the horse they are riding?????.....Love Ya...Grams

Me said...

You have the most adorable kiddoes!! We loved giving horsey rides to our kiddoes when they were smaller.