Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy birthday to Patti and Calloway!

I said that I'd never do this... never ever show my belly pictures to anyone (much less blog them). But, I just can't help it. My sweet babies just turned 7 today! And, this momma can't help but try to remember the feeling of them moving around in my belly... trying to guess who was who. What an amazing miracle. So, I went through all my old pictures this morning... and I found these. Whoa! That's it... just whoa. Don't have much else to say about this picture (I think I still had 7 weeks to go in that second picture... it was taken March 3, 2005).

I remember this picture like it was yesterday. It had been a long 12 hours... labor just didn't progress, I started running a fever, Cal's heart rate was dropping, and then I had to have an emergency c-section. When the doctor came in to give me the "we might have to do a c-section speech", I quickly stopped her and told her, "I don't care what you have to do... take them out through my mouth if you have to... just get them out!!!" Once I heard both their cries.... pure peace.

They were one in this picture... I would do anything for three minutes with them like this again (just three though)!

And here we are today... precious babies. I love them so.

Patti is still as sweet as always... maybe even sweeter. I see a little more boldness in her step these days. But, she's still tender and loving. She cried this morning because she didn't want to go to 2nd grade... she still doesn't like change. She's an angel.

Calloway is just precious. Oh that boy... he just has to smile at me and I'd buy him the world. He's growing up though... bittersweet. He's too cool to hug and kiss me in front of his friends, but the first to crawl in my lap when he sees it vacant. He's a love.

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