Saturday, August 4, 2007

Never a dull moment...

with Cal around.

I have two children... the exact same age (okay, a minute difference), same mom, same dad, same house, same bedroom, same toys, same diapers, same lotion, same water... someone pleeease tell me how they can be so different. I've heard that boys and girls are soooo different. If this is true, I have the classic example. Patti is calm, predictable, dramatic at times... your typical girl... me, just 28 years younger. Cal... oh, Cal.... he is all a boy is meant to be. He is wild, unpredictable, mischievous, and sweeter than honey. He keeps me on my toes... he also melts my toenails. I just can't describe in words how precious he is to me... and how he drive me absolutely beyond crazy. Right now as I type this, he is standing behind me choking my neck (love and hugs or premeditated murder... don't know). Maybe these pictures will put a smile on your face (those with boys will smile and think "yeah... been there" and those with only girls will think "I'm so glad I have girls").

I took the stuffing out of some of the pillows on the couch. I put them on the dining room table - out of reach (hahaha). I was gone for maybe a minute and walked into the playroom to find... snow in August!! At first, I was going to get mad and yell... then, I stopped and said to myself, "you know Jen, if you were two years old, this would be SO FUN!".... so, I let them play and cleaned up later.

"Where is Cal?!?!?" I lost him! He disappeared within seconds.... until I heard a creak/crackle in the hamper. Oh, Cal.

I was doing laundry. Cal loved my baby blue shirt... he walked out of my bedroom wearing it... Cal style. Can you read his shirt in the second-to-the-last picture? It is Cal's theme shirt... we'll frame it when he grows out of it (well, maybe/hopefully we'll pass it on to Isaiah soon... Sam's already outgrown it I'm sure -- btw, Sam is Cal's protege... shhh, don't tell Jennifer and Jamie). Angela, I'd love to pass it on to you... hopefully, your boy will fit into it well.
For those of you who can't read his shirt, it says " I tried to be good, but I got bored."


Robinson Family said...

Great pictures! I especially love the one of him popping out of the hamper (how did he get in there!?) and the last one of him doing the super-hero run in your cape-like shirt.

Thanks for the t-shirt offer...are you implying I should brace myself for a mischievous little rascal? (Amanda thinks he will be, for sure)

BTW, good job suppressing your type A tendencies and letting your kids play in the snow...I'm sure they had a blast.

Jenny said...

You know me oh, so well. Yes, I am praying that you will enjoy the life of a "mischievous little rascal" (you said it). And thanks, it was killing me not to clean up immediately after them!

erin said...

Cal - Come on over and play at my house. We'll have LOTS of fun. And don't worry, hardly anything surprises my mom anymore. You can even bring Patti and she can play dolls and other girl stuff with my sister. --Kellen

Jenny said...

You're on dude! Bet I can give your mom a run for her money (whatever that means)...
Your pal,

paula said...

Oh, Jenny - I feel like you are describing my life about 4 years ago. When Sam and Maddy were toddlers it was the same exact way. He was always into EVERYTHING(but also SO tenderhearted) and she was my calm one with moments of drama here or there. SO, just to let you know it does get easier. You do a beautiful job of enjoying the moments!

Perkins said...

you are definitely a cutie. I'm sorry though...Isaiah isn't allowed to play with you right now. :)