Saturday, September 8, 2007

K through P

I know, I know.... I was suppose to do A - Z in a week... too bad. Somewhere between being sick and having sick kids, cleaning, hosting parties, etc. I got lazy okay! Haha.

K --- Kitchen. This is probably my favorite place in the house.

L --- Lollipops... nothing at all to do with me.... just a cute picture that went with "L". Those are my nieces Chloe and Phoebe enjoying a lollipop with Cal.

M --- Margo... my maiden name. It's origin is french (Margot/Margeaux)... my gggrandfather (I think) sailed up the Rio Grande River a looong time ago (I should get all this info. from my brother Bryan - the genealogist in the family) and settled in Roma, Texas.

N --- Nematode. Okay, I know this one's random, but let me explain. I was having trouble coming up with an "N" word and so I went to this website of unusual words that start with N. I saw "Nematology" and just had to share. My dad's best friend, Charlie, is a Nematologist... after my dad died, Charlie took over some very important "dad" roles such as helping me with my yearly science fair experiments (did anyone else hate those things?). Anyway, every single year I did mine on Nematodes (fyi... a nematode is Thanks Charlie!

O --- Oh no! Cal's favorite thing to say.... at least a dozen times a day. It usually means that something fell over or broke. Sometimes, it has other meanings... such as..... "Oh no mommy, I don't have a snack... get up and get me one"..... "Oh no, I threw a ball accross the room and it got lost behind the shelf"...."Oh no, I can't find Buzz".... "Oh no, I pushed Patti off the bed and she's crying".... and, "Oh no, I was climbing on the couch and fell off....................and now I'm stuck and can't climb out."

P --- Patricia, Patti, Patti-cake, Patti-cakers.... My sweet little girl. She's such a love... and has the sweetest little smile...


Robinson Family said...

Awww...great post! Glad you're back on track, you lazy bum (just kidding...I know you've been killing yourself over there).

Loved N-P best...I never pegged you for a "worm-girl". Maybe I should rethink our friendship... The various meanings of "Oh no!" cracked me up, and Patti is just too sweet! (I love that you can see how much she's grown in the 2 pictures, but how her smile is still the same)

Robinson Family said...

Oh yeah, and I LOVE your new header! I've been thinking about doing a more fall-ish one for mine. Thanks for reminding me!

abuchanan said...

Very cute Jenny.
and please keep up with your daily posting...I look forward to spying on you!!!