Thursday, September 6, 2007

H through J

H --- Husband. My husband's name is Daniel for those of you who don't know. He's okay. Just kidding, he's better than okay! He's truly wonderful. We met in Jr. High, but didn't date until after our freshman year of college. It was all in God's timing. God has been good to us. I love you Daniel.
I --- iPod Shuffle. Daniel bought me one for Christmas. It' is the coolest thing ever! You know what's better than the iPod... and iTunes giftcard! (Hint: fabulous Christmas gift)
It is so fun to buy songs! I love it! I just purchased "Shirley & Lee - Let the Good Times Roll"... fun song!
J --- Jennifer... My name. I usually go by Jenny though. In college and grad school, I had a good friend, Jenny Jones, and we had a coin toss as to who would be "Jenny" and who would be "Jennifer" (to make it easier for friends and profs)... I lost. So, I was both Jenny and Jennifer and sometimes Jen. I like all three, so call me what you want (well, from the three choices above that is). Anyway, I looked up the origin of my name on the internet and here's what I found:
""""The ancient surname Jennifer came from the Welsh personal name Guinivere, which is composed of the elements gwen, which means fair, wyf, which means smooth or yielding and fawr, which means large. """

Okay, key words: fair, smooth and large.... HA... what comes to mind when I mention those three words?! Yeah, I thought so!

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