Saturday, January 12, 2008

Santa's Wonderland

We went to Santa's Wonderland before Christmas with some friends (the Perkins Family, the McCarver Family, and half the Garner Family). We also went last year, but the kids were only one and a half - they loved to look at all the lights and loved the little town with all the bubbles and music. But, this year was a totally different experience. It was so much fun! To see their little faces light up and to hear all the excited comments about everything. Patti especially loved the Petting Zoo..... oooh yuck! Stinky, aggressive, crazy little animals everywhere. But, she loved it and was not afraid to stick out her hand full of food... with animals ready to attack. I'm serious, those things were ferocious~ like they haven't been fed in days. Cal on the other hand --- yes, my fearless and adventurous one --- was a scardy-cat! It was hilarious to hear his little screams when the animals would come near. Daniel tried to get him to feed them, but he'd wig-out! He was not letting go of Daniel. Patti on the other hand, was chasing them around forcing them to play with her. Loads of fun!

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erin said...

OK, that is SO my kids. Bonnie loves animals and Kellen loves them but not up close. Funny!