Monday, January 14, 2008

8 Random Things About My Life.... by Cal

We've been tagged! Norah decided that she wanted to know a little more about Cal.... so, here his own words...

1. I have ants in my pants! Seriously... they crawl in right before I wake up in the morning and stay all day(despite dozens of diaper changes daily - no, I don't wear big-boy-undies.... but, I will next week.... my Mommy is so ExCiTeD!). They must crawl out some time after bath time because that's when I like to sit and cuddle with Mommy or Daddy.

2. My favorite words are "Come on!", "Hey MOM!?", "That/This way!", and "OH NO!"

3. I like to climb! My favorite thing to use as a "boost" is a Dora Sit and Spin that my Aunt Shelly bought me for my birthday..... oh wait - correction - it's Patti's...shhh....

4. I love to ride the 4-wheeler.... either my little John Deere one or the big one with Daddy! Maybe it's the wind through my hair or the rush I get when I go fast....I just love it!

5. I can run fast! I started to walk at 10 months and run at 10 1/2 months.... haven't slowed down yet! I'll race any of ya.... bring it on!

6. David Hasselhoff ain't got nothin' on me.... except maybe for a little more hair.

7. I'm cool.... waaay cool! Bet you didn't know that about me. Watch out Hollywood, here I come! If I'm not doing Jackie Chan's stunts, I'll be designing his wardrobe!

8. I am completely in touch with my masculinity! So what?!..... I like to look good.... pink is a good color for me!

This was fun.... I could have shared much more, but know that you've already fallen totally head-over-heals in love with me. Anything more would have been over-kill. Now, I'd like to tag
* Isaiah Perkins
* Jacob Ray
* John Campbell
* Kellen Jones


Robinson Family said...

Thanks for playing, Cal. You're a very, very, funny guy!

patti pauley said...

Loved all the comments by "Cal"..all so true!...Love the pictures of Daniel with Cal...Daniel really does look like Vincent Van Gogh with that beard...Love Ya'll Lots and Lots.