Monday, February 11, 2008

Fine, we'll get our own vitamins!

Sunday mornings are always a little hectic. Here, let me just go through a little dialog to explain...

Cal: "Hey MOM.... vitamins!"

Mom: "Sure Cal... in just a minute... Mommy's busy."

Patti: "Mommy... vitamins?"

Mom: "Sure Patti... but, I'm busy doing my hair and Daddy's in the shower... just a minute."

*** some play time.... some more of the same dialog as above***

*** a few minutes of silence.... I panic (because I don't trust my son -- I rarely let him out of sight or ear shot for more than a couple of minutes)***

Mom: "Hey Dad... what are the kids doing?"

Dad: "I don't know.... I'll go check." "Hey Jen, come here."

They decided that we were too busy.... they'd just get the vitamins themselves. Notice the tricycle below the cabinet -- obviously used for a boost on to the counter.

Here's Cal pleading his case with Daddy.


Amy said...

Very funny. Hey, if you want something done, do it yourself, right?? ;o)

Perkins said...

The poor kids are just trying to be healthy. Give 'em a break.

Robinson Family said...

That's awesome! My favorite is the one of them using teamwork to hoist down that hefty jar. You might have a future Bonnie and Clyde team on your hands!