Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cal, sweet Cal

Cal has been a pill the last week or so. I think it has a little to do with being stuck inside a lot lately (the rest is due just to the fact that he's "Cal"). So, just a few minutes ago, he was trying to climb to the top of this big baby swing I have out. It's tall.... say 4 feet. The top is narrow, but big enough for him to stand on. I've gotten on to him several times, but evidently I'm not getting through because he keeps on climbing on it. I finally had enough and just stood there and gave him a scowl look... the look that my mom used to give me that made me cry... I must not be scary enough, because Cal just shook his finger at me and pointed to the kitchen and said, "Go PLAY Momma - GO! Go PLAY!" (He wanted me out of the room so that I couldn't see what he was doing)


Anonymous said...

Just Enjoy! Too Big...Too Soon!...Then you can enjoy the I DO...Grams

Anonymous said...

P.S. More pictures